Women with 90-100lbs loss

Mentally, I am really struggling. I can't get it through my head that I have to reach 5 lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs, etc. before I can reach the "big" loss numbers. I struggle when I don't see the loss that I want to see on the scale and some days I nearly convince myself that I might as well just give up because I will always be fat and there's no point in trying.

My question is, how long did it take you to achieve a loss of 90-100 lbs, and what weight did you start at? Do you have any pointers, tips, motivation, etc. that would hopefully help me get my head thinking the way it should be instead of degrading myself.

Thanks in advance for your reply!


  • Hi, I can relate to wanting to lose a lot. It's definitely a struggle sometimes! If you had asked me a yr ago(abt how long it's taken me to lose this much) I never would've imagined I'd be able to lose this much. Now, looking back, the time really has gone by fast... But when I was going thru each day it didn't feel that way. I think the important thing is to keep at it and not give up... It's hard to see how you're changing things when you're in the middle of it but each day counts and really does make a difference in the long term :)
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    Don't look at how far you have to go, just start with small goals and you'll be amazed how quickly time goes by and how those big loss numbers are suddenly within reach.
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    If that's your pic you surely don't look as if you need to lose 100 pounds or more, but if you do then I can surely relate. I started at 339 and I've lost 75 pounds and still need to lose another 75...at least. I suppose for me what helps is being accountable for eating within my caloric set point and then just taking a deep breath and waiting for the results. I know that if I eat less than I expend then it's guaranteed that I will lose...eventually. Patience is truly the virtue here as much as the discipline it also requires. I have to remind myself daily that I no longer will believe in "The Lie". The lie is the deception that eating what I want will make me happy, or satisfied, or contribute anything at all to my life. For too long I looked at food, not just as a comfort, but also as my fun, as a part of every celebration, or even a fun evening out. That's the lie and I believed it nearly to the point of dying from it. Your own life is all the motivation you will ever need and having the best life you can. I nearly ruined mine with my own failure to recognize what I was doing to myself, but when I finally understood the true cost of self indulgence I found the courage to try one more time. It surely isn't easy but the reward is great!
  • I can relate to that a lot, too. What I've done is made myself a little chart (I call it "My Special Snowflake Chart" because I use a snowflake sticker to track my progress) that shows how far I've come at a glance. Every time I lose a pound, the snowflake goes to the next little box, marching towards the ultimate goal. Other than that, I also set myself weekly goals, and work towards those.

    It's much easier to say "Ok, it's Monday now. By next Monday, I want to lose 2 pounds." when you put it like that, you kind of go "Two pounds? That's doable. I can lose two pounds in a week." Then I look at my chart and in the scheme of things (trying to lose 130 pounds total) two pounds is a tiny, tiny bit.
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    Thanks ladies for the inspiration. I felt a lot better after reading it. I am a very instant gratification person. I won't sit here and lie to you and tell that I don't sit around wishing I could lose 10 lbs in a week, 90 lbs in a month, etc. Realistic? No. BUT DAMN, I wish it was that easy =). I guess it would be, if I had both of my legs removed or something....but, I'm looking to keep all my limbs and just say good bye to fat.

    Anyways, that picture is me, I was about 215-220 lbs then. When I got back into using MPF regularly at the beginning of this month, I was up to 234. I want to get to around 145, and maybe go to 135. So at most 1 shy of 100 lbs. I am pretty photogenic and I can carry weight well sometimes - so don't let a picture fool you. They've fooled me into thinking I'm just fine, when I am classified as obese.

    I guess I am also an emotional eater, so not being able to shut down emotions with food has really brought out a lot of stuff that has been stored away. I'm hoping to be able to cope with them in better ways and hopefully leave some garbage behind as well as the fat. To me, in this mindset - and it being the early stages - I just see it as 100 pennies in a cup. You take away 1, 5, 10, 15 - most people can't even tell they are short. That's how I feel about weight..so it's like why bother. I just have to get myself past this initial emotion negative thinking, and hopefully begin to realize that everything big once was small.

    Again, thank you so much for the advice, I plan to read it on a daily basis to help put positive thinking into my head.
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    It took me a year to lose 96 pounds, from 256 to 160. Best thing ever did for myself! That took me from obese to a healthy weight. Now the pounds under 160 I've been struggling with for 6 months, but I'll get there!
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    It's taken me 2 years and 3 months so far to lose about 85 lbs. I'm a slow loser. Don't look at the total amount you need to lose. I have had several goals. Reach one, and then set another. I did ones that meant something. The first was to get under 200. The next was to be only 'overweight'. The next is to be at a healthy weight. I may have had a couple others along the way, I can't quite remember.
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    It took me around 7 months to lose 100lbs. I agree with Omma_to_3, Set little goals and keep plugging away at them. Whats the saying? Eat the elephant in small bites? if thats 10lbs, 20lbs (the number i work towards), just forget the end result and keep focused on the small goals.

    Keep working at it, stay focused, you'll be fine!