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cj8207cj8207 Member Posts: 4 Member Posts: 4
Hi Everyone, I have just started......and feeling really positive. Can someone answer this question please!! I am allowed 1200 calories per day, and say I exercised and burned 150 I eat those 150 extra calories ontop of the 1200 or can I just eat the 1200 calories?? Confused........also I entered that I wanted to lose 1kg a week...but it then has me down for like 500g a week loss. Thanks :flowerforyou:


  • IronMan_DuhamNCIronMan_DuhamNC Member Posts: 52 Member Posts: 52
    Yes you have to eat back most of those if not all of them. You must get your metabolism running at top speed.
  • FitBlackChickFitBlackChick Member Posts: 215 Member Member Posts: 215 Member
    Yep you eat the 1200 PLUS what ever you burned from exercise. Otherwise you'd be under eating :) Cheers!
  • cj8207cj8207 Member Posts: 4 Member Posts: 4
    Thank you!! :smile:
  • ecw3780ecw3780 Member Posts: 608 Member Member Posts: 608 Member
    Yes. Eat your exercise calories. 1 pound a week is a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day, or 3500 calories a week. That means, if it gave you a goal of 1200 calories per day, you usually burn 1700 calories from daily activity. So, if you burn 150 additional calories, that will give you a deficit of 650 calories, putting you below 1200. It isn't recommended to go below 1200. There are a whole number of reasons, but ultimately in the long run it is hard to stick to and you are more likely to plateau. Always eat enough to keep your net goal (calories eaten - calories burned) above 1200.
  • saserssasers Member Posts: 146 Member Member Posts: 146 Member
    I have no idea... I'm afraid.

    I myself know I ate too few today. I only had 700 plus calories and exercised and burned off over 800 calories so I am actually -135 net calories for the day...Even more sad, I'm not hungry
  • lilmiss_sunshine29lilmiss_sunshine29 Member Posts: 137 Member Member Posts: 137 Member
    i do not think you necessarily need to eat them back. eat them back if you are hungry rather than just coz they are there. there may be days you are ravenous & others you aren't.
    remember you can manually edit the calorie intake as you need to suit you. the system may generate an allowance but it doesn't always suit the individual.
  • cj8207cj8207 Member Posts: 4 Member Posts: 4
    Tthanks heaps for this :smile:
  • cj8207cj8207 Member Posts: 4 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer ....:happy:
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