I never thought I could do it!!



  • wow! well done you look ABSolutely amazing;)
  • Amazing and inspirational !!
  • progress.jpg

    Hopefully my picture works!
    Here is my before and after photo and I am so happy with how far I have come. I went from being a lazy person who used to comfort eat and hated exercise to finally reaching my goal to run 20kms yesterday! I remember when I first joined MFP and reading through everyones success stories and seeing everyone elses transformations and hoping that one day I too could be one of those people who posted a success story post!! Healthy eating and fitness has now become a lifestyle for me and I cant live without it!! If you are just starting off, believe in yourself that one day you can reach your goals too and even if you have bad days (I have had plenty of those!!) keep going! Live,eat and breathe health and fitness and be that fit person and one day you will look back and be amazed at what you have achieved =]

    You look amazing. How long did it take you to transform your body as shown in your before and after pictures. What kind of workouts you did? Thank you for sharing
  • maggiecamilo
    maggiecamilo Posts: 22 Member
    WoW you are looking good girl.. great job!! Thanks for inspiring us!!
  • tumblr_m4gc549mKm1rrpyjxo1_500.gif

    You look amazing! Congrats
  • CkepiJinx
    CkepiJinx Posts: 613 Member
    You look awesome!
  • sassyrayofsunshine
    sassyrayofsunshine Posts: 499 Member
    How long did this take? And what kind of exercises did you do?? You look absolutely stunning!! Congrats!
  • julieannebyrom
    julieannebyrom Posts: 205 Member
    You look amazing! I am the before picture at the moment. What kind of changes did you make to get your fantastic results?
  • mandeenicoleb
    mandeenicoleb Posts: 479 Member
    AMAZING!!!! Wow, great job!
  • emyishardcore
    emyishardcore Posts: 352 Member
    Amazing transformation
  • deedzzz
    deedzzz Posts: 220 Member
    you look outstanding! Great job!!!
  • crazybookworm
    crazybookworm Posts: 779 Member
    You look amazing girl! Congrats!!
  • MrsGursky
    MrsGursky Posts: 3 Member
    Dang girl, you look awesome! What did you do to get here? lol
  • wow, you're before picture looks very similar to how i am now! I feel very inspired now. Congrats on your hard work!!
  • Luckycharm3172011
    Luckycharm3172011 Posts: 8 Member
    Good job! You look AMAZING!! Only hoping I can do the same!
  • great job!!!
  • SkinnyMsFitness
    SkinnyMsFitness Posts: 389 Member
    Fab girl!! Congrats!! =))
  • vale_m624
    vale_m624 Posts: 33 Member
    - You look fantastic! Way to go lady
  • tatd_820
    tatd_820 Posts: 573 Member
    You did it! Great job and great work! Congrats!
  • Great job. Looking forward to when my stomach looks that good.
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