Well first little milestone =) down 10 lbs! pics

Kassidi21 Posts: 267 Member
So It's almost been two month and I thought I'd post my first before and during pictures on ze forums... Be gentle, I am aware there is not that much of a difference, from what I see, but I am down 12 lbs!


I've also decided to put "the picture that started it all" on here as well to see a bit of facial differences... My sister's graduation..


And now (so during =P)



  • arizonaladybug
    arizonaladybug Posts: 91 Member
    You look great!! Keep up the great work! You can see a huge difference. you look so much happier!

    I also had stretch marks from being pregnant. Bio Oil works soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. Im still using it 2 years after pregnancy and my already white stretchmarks are disapearing.
  • irleshay
    irleshay Posts: 102 Member
    I can definitely see a difference. Great job!
  • The back pictures; it's noticeable. Same with the front pictures; it's like around your belly button it looks more toned :) Good job!!
  • wannabpiper
    wannabpiper Posts: 402 Member
    You don't even look like the same person - great work!
  • shahendrickson
    shahendrickson Posts: 55 Member
    You look wonderful! Keep up the good work. Congrats to you. C:
  • wow huge difference! fantastic job so far...keep it up!
  • Kassidi21
    Kassidi21 Posts: 267 Member
    Thank you everyone =)
  • No reason to make apologies for posting about your SUCCESS!! Celebrate EVERY success, it's a great motivator. Congratulations!
  • nicola1141
    nicola1141 Posts: 613 Member
    That looks like way more than 10 lbs!! That's a very noticeable difference - awesome work.
  • donsun51
    donsun51 Posts: 20 Member
    Huge difference! Keep up the great work!
  • FindingMyself24
    FindingMyself24 Posts: 613 Member
    You look great!! Keep up the awesome work!!
  • moonshine_betty
    moonshine_betty Posts: 169 Member
    Um, you might need to get your eyes checked because girl, the difference is huge and as plain as day! Your waist is smaller, your stomach is much flatter and you look tighter over all. And the facial change is very noticeable. You're doing wonderfully!
  • You should be very proud. Keep it rolling!
  • MistyEE
    MistyEE Posts: 67
    AMAZING changes in two months!!! Congrats
  • LordOberon
    LordOberon Posts: 73 Member
    Great work! Keep up the progress.
  • jacklis
    jacklis Posts: 280 Member
    I especially like the comparison in your back. S:wink: o hawt walking away from people!
  • Kassidi21
    Kassidi21 Posts: 267 Member
    Wow! Again thank you all so much! :heart: :blushing:
  • SexyLovinmeCook
    SexyLovinmeCook Posts: 1,393 Member
    Umm who said it isn't much difference? Please this is great difference especially on the core....Love your results...It is inspiring to many and we all know that is the last to go so you are ahead of the game...
  • Luckycharm3172011
    Luckycharm3172011 Posts: 8 Member
    Not much of a difference?! I think you are making great progress! Keep up the good work and staying positive. I am just starting out and only wish I had a during pic to post. Just not there yet but only a week in so far. =)
  • DaniDC28
    DaniDC28 Posts: 83 Member
    Great results! Can't wait til I weigh 168!!:smile:
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