New Mum with PCOS looking for some Paleo buddies!

Hi Guys

I'm a 29year old female in the UK. I suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which causes blood sugar and hormonal issues, and my symptoms are irregular cycles (maybe twice a year), acne and very oily skin, difficulty losing weight, skin tags, and depression. Following a Paleo diet is meant to be great for PCOS because it controls blood sugars and cuts out dairy and non organic meats, so I have now been on it for 2 weeks and am really enjoying it!

I also had a baby 11 weeks ago so have about 26lb to lose, and have lost 8lb already since starting the regimen.

I'm looking for some buddies either with PCOS, trying to lose some baby weight, on Paleo, or anyone else who wants to share progress! :flowerforyou:

Lyndsey :)


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    Hi, I have PCOS as well but am not following the same diet....I am being supervised by a doctor and doing high protein and low carbs and fats.

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    Hi I have PCOS. I guess the best way to describe my diet is "primal" (similar to paleo, allowances for dairy).

    I've lost 40 pounds over the last year and 20 of it over the last 3 months.

    Protein protein protein. Protein keeps my hunger completely at bay. I eat about 100 to 140g of protein a day, and on weekdays its not unusual for me to consume 50g of protein in my first hour of being awake. Having PCOS I think we have a very special-problem relationship to sugar different from most people, and my answer is protein.

    Also throw out the old idea what your nutrition habits should look like. For breakfast yesterday I had 7 ounces of buffalo steak (and an apple).

    But good luck with everything! PCOS is no joke!
  • Nice to meet you :) May I add you as a friend? How are you finding the diet you are on and have you seen results? X
  • Hi there Im from the uk too, and I although I don't have pcos, I am a paleo lifestyle convert and its mainly thanks to that I have lost the weight I have so far. There are so many ways to follow a paleo lifestyle, and what works for some on it doesn't work for others, (for example some people say dairy is a no no completely, others like myself don't mind the odd dairy item.) I also find it helps my children who have various adhd, asd difficulties, taking them back to basics and keeping their processed food intakes to a minimum. Even if things like spaghetti bolognese when the spaghetti is strips of blanched courgette does throw them for a loop to begin with lol. With the kids and my previous dietary shortcomings, i don't always get each day right as I can naturally slip back into old habits, but the fact it works and the fact I feel better health wise is shown by the weight Ive lost, and by the fact I am able to reduce my meds to deal with my own health issues. If you fancy a paleo friend then feel free to add me
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    Hello! I'm also 29 with PCOS. It hasn't caused too many horrible problems with my health, other than that I don't have a "productive" cycle at all without taking progesterone, and I have a harder time losing weight. Luckily my blood sugar and hormone levels have always been in the healthy range even though I've put on weight. Right now I'm reading a book by the founders of the Whole30 plan, which I hear is very similar to paleo. The book is fantastic-- reading the science behind everything is really eye-opening and motivational. Here's more info if you're interested:

    I haven't started the Whole30 but I've been trying to gradually cut back on carbs and dairy. It's better for me to take baby steps than go into it all at once.

    Anyway, feel free to friend me and hopefully we can all support each other!
  • Thanks for the replies everyone, I have added you as friends. I look forward to the mutual support :)
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    Welcome to MFP. I'm not Paleo or have PCOS but I had a baby 6.5 months ago....LOL.