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I re-dedicated myself to being healthier July 25th. On that day, my period came...ok, that's life laughing at me. And then it lasted....for 2.5 weeks. Finally ended...for 3 days. And now it started up again. I can't think of anything else that could have changed. If anything, I usually skip periods but have them for 7 days-ish. I read that periods can be affected by things such as weight loss, but I always thought that it meant I might skip one at worst (like some gymnasts don't have periods...) Has anyone else had this? I don't know exactly how much I've lost during this time, haven't had an accurate scale for the last couple weeks as we're out of town. I'm 28 and have a little over 100 lbs to lose.


  • JenMc14
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    I don't think your period would be affected in that short of time frame. Could you be pregnant? Have you ever had irregularity issues before?
  • feelin_gr_8
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    Not really. I took a pregnancy test not long before I started...don't remember exactly how long before. Hubby and I have been trying for a year and a half though. This doesn't bode well :(
  • dreamer12151
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    Since you said that before you would have a tendency to skip a period and now, all of a sudden, you are bleeding heavy for long periods (sorry - no pun intended...) of time, I would think this would be a red flag ( with the puns!) for you. Are you having any other symptoms? Cramping? Pain? Big clots?

    Usually the skipping periods you were talking about comes when a woman is very athletic and been working out heavily for a long period of time. Not one day, or a month, sorry.

    But with you have described, then I would rather be safe than sorry and go see your doctor, especially with your follow up where you say you and your husband have been trying. Better to get check and it be something small or nothing, rather than let it go and it be a major issue.
  • mfclingan
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    I know that as I've lost weight my cycle has gone through some funky changes...but it regulates out. But those changes occurred months after starting, not the first day. How old are you...could your body be starting the 'change of life' (~~shiver~~ I didn't even like typing that phrase...although no periods sounds like pure heaven!)
  • Flab2fitfi
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    I would normally put it down to weight loss or extra exercise but in this case it does sound like you need to get it checked out by a Doctor.

    If nothing else you may find your iron levels affected.
  • MinnieInMaine
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    I think it's time for a call to your doctor. Weight loss can effect hormones but it's usually not "that" quick of an effect. There could be something else going on. Better to be safe than sorry!
  • vienna_h
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    Sounds like maybe endometriosis. or PCOS? Something is up.

    Either way, this drastic change in your period and not being able to conceive in over a year definitely merits a visit to the doctor.
  • LadyGhostDuchess
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    I would say contact your gyno
  • tlou5
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    You need to see a doctor.
  • sj_1970
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    I would really see a gynecologist for this instead of asking on this board, your body is unique to you and irregular bleeding can be from A LOT! of different things. No one here is qualified to tell you what it could be from irregular bleeding can be from a hormonal imbalance, STI/STD, pre signs of cancer, or just something funky going on with your body that's not too serious. For that you need a doc.
  • LilRedRooster
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    Definitely see a doctor. Random long periods make sense if you are on birth control, but out of the blue, especially for such a short period of time with exercise, is really something to ask your doctor about.
  • zebszee
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    yes go see your doc for a check up

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  • feelin_gr_8
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    I guess that answers my question as to whether or not any of you have had this happen :( I plan to see our doctor soon... I just was hoping someone else had gone through this.
  • ashandstuff
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    This happened to me once when I was back in high school. Turns out I had an ovarian cyst. Please PLEASE PLEEAAASSSEEE contact your doctor.

    It could be nothing serious, but it's better to have your doctor have a thorough medical record of "normal" and "abnormal" times.
  • knittnponder
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    I would go get checked out. I have a friend who has been TTC for a long time with no success. Well, she did conceive once but then miscarried pretty quickly. She finally went to her naturopath, got checked out and had blood work done. Her estrogen and progesterone levels were extremely low and she was told if she did manage to get pregnant there was no way her body could support a pregnancy. She's working on getting her levels balanced and is amazed at how much more energy she has. A suddenly weird period for no apparent reason should be checked out. Then you can get at the root cause and see if it can be fixed and maybe this has been part of why you haven't gotten pregnant.