Shopping in the closet - do it often

GoRun2 Posts: 448 Member
So I lost 20 lbs and 2 sizes. I went through the closet and found a pair of pants that I never wore. They were too small at my highest weight so I tossed them in the closet until I lost some weight. That was a couple of years ago and I forgot about them. I found them when I was cleaning out the closet and now they are way too big. Now I have a pair of pants that have never been worn. (yes the tags were removed when I first got the pants so I can't take them back.)

I should have been checking out my closet as I lost weight.

Given the choice of having the pants be too big and never worn or me weighing more so they fit ....It's a small price to pay.

So I had to smile and share this with all of you. Shop in your closet as you start to shrink.


  • melx123
    melx123 Posts: 39 Member
    I know what ya mean! I had some jeans that didn't fit since i first started...i forgot about them till last month then when i tried them on they were too big! Now i try stuff that were way too small (gifts from relatives who obviously didn't get big enough sizes) and they fit well. Feels great.
  • okcat4
    okcat4 Posts: 224 Member
    One of my favorite pastimes! Good thing I am a hoarder in training and did not throw out my skinner stuff However, the bigger sftuf is going- Gone as I move below it!
  • Ryan__V
    Ryan__V Posts: 36
    I recently dusted off a section of XXL shirts that I had before I got married... 10 years ago!

    I am starting to swim in the ridiculous amount of 4XLT clothing I own.
  • Crochetluvr
    Crochetluvr Posts: 3,143 Member
    I did this quite often for awhile...but the clothes were in storage rather than in my closet.

    Over the past year, I have donated about 10 small garbage bags full of clothes that are too big. Which meant I had to buy more, smaller clothes. There are only 2 things left from storage that are still too small...2 pair of jeans I bought years ago and still have the tags on. When I can get into them, I will celebrate.
  • willdob3
    willdob3 Posts: 640 Member
    I agree. I've missed out on a few pairs of jeans & some good slacks by not trying things on often enough.

    I've only got a few pairs left to shrink into now. I got rid of everything that was too big a few months ago and it sure is easy to see what is left! Not much. I'm having to shop for bargains.
  • mrshudson813
    mrshudson813 Posts: 128 Member
    I am just starting my journey but I look forward to being about to shop in my closet. I currently wear a size 18 but I have pants in 16, 14 and 12 in my closet. I'm excited to be able to get down into smaller sizes!
  • ron2e
    ron2e Posts: 606
    I'm a hoarder and haven't thrown out clothes (that are in good condition) for more years than I care to mention. This has given me the bonus of working back in time as I get thinner. My profile pic is me trying on a shirt last weekend that I hadn't worn since 1998. It's tighter on me than it was then by some way but none the less it isn't gaping or pulling and I'm not holidng my breath for the pic! I check out my closet every few weeks, identify what fits me now, and identify what nearly fits for retrying in a few weeks. When I get back to flares and kaftans, I will buy some new clothes :laugh:
  • divinenanny
    divinenanny Posts: 90 Member
    Same here, not so much with pants, but I never seem to throw out shirts. I keep finding cute ones. It helps that I am back at my overweight weight that I stayed at for many years before gaining a lot more. Anything I lose now will result in a need for new clothes, I've never been so small ;) Primark here I come!!!
  • dadzzz
    dadzzz Posts: 16 Member
    This might sound sad but I alway buy jeans a size smaller while I.m losing weight I've done it twice and it feels great being able to fit into them it's a really good visional aid for me.
  • alisonlynn1976
    alisonlynn1976 Posts: 929 Member
    I just threw out the jeans that depressed me last summer (assumed they would fit without trying them on, were way too small) because they got so big they were falling down. Did have the chance to wear them for a few months, though.
  • floop1207
    floop1207 Posts: 194 Member
    i threw out a lot of clothes when i moved house recently but kept all of my favourite jeans, hoping that one day i WILL fit into them comfortably. i thought i was crazy so reading this has made me smile and have hope that i can do it :flowerforyou:
  • ruwise
    ruwise Posts: 265 Member
    I do this all the time. Before I started this time I sorted my whole wardrobe into sizes. I had a lot of different sizes. I have a wardrobe of clothes that are the next size down and I check it every 4 weeks to see if any of it fits. This week I tried and pretty much everything in there fit or will fit within a couple of pounds. It's been so long since I wore more of them that it's like going shopping.
  • GoRun2
    GoRun2 Posts: 448 Member
    Now the good part, only 9.4 lbs to go and then I get to buy all new pants :)

    I also had the problem that I can now fit into some of my old clothese but they are way out of style. Time to toss those pants.
  • elisa123gal
    elisa123gal Posts: 4,287 Member
    My weight loss has been slow. But it felt good to drop off my size 14 shorts to goodwill yesterday. It was a symoblic gesture that I'm done with that size...and when I take my size 12's when they get too big..I'll weigh myself again and see where I'm at.

    I think getting rid of the bigger sizes is a form of committment to permanant change.
  • louisemallas
    louisemallas Posts: 59 Member
    lol - Best of all is when you find 'new' stuff in your closet now fit - you know the ones - with the label still on that never fit you in the first place and you were always going to slim into them........
  • missdibs1
    missdibs1 Posts: 1,092 Member
    have them taken in. they will fit like a glove
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