On days where you know you're going to go over calories



  • annakow
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    Logistic and planing ! :)
  • lornathommo
    Go out, have fun, forgive yourself, and move on. Diet and exercise are great but you can't neglect the rest of your life because of it. When you're old I think it would be better to look back and think I had some good times as opposed to I should've done more. Btw, have a drink for me, I'm at work. :(

    Totally agree with this! I allow myself one day when although I track I don't care if I'm 100 or 1000 calories over. A night out with the girls or a meal out with hubby. I enjoy myself. Then the rest of the week I stick to my intake and exercise. Maybe just exercise that little harder if I've swayed more towards the 1000cal excess, lol! I've only been maintaining 3 months but I'm 2lbs lighter than goal weight doing this.
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    Definitely. I used to do this before I gained weight too - if I knew I was going out to eat, I would eat a lot lighter for breakfast and lunch and skip any snacks.
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    If I have a planned celebration meal, I try my best to eat a very high protein breakfast and lunch, no snacks. I eat a high protein lean 100 calorie snack about an hour before the celebration meal. It seems to work to reduce any splurges.
  • BeanyFrog13
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    If I know in advance that I'm going out for a meal then I try and incorporate a longer workout that day so as to make sure I have the cals spare :D Failing that I just don't worry about that one time and make sure I'm on it for the rest of the time! :)
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    I track my intake on weekly instead of daily totals. During weekdays I aim to stay about 100 kcal below my set goal, giving me approx. 500 kcal extra in the weekend to spent. This usually is enough to cover regular weekend celebrations. For parties and such I may also eat less during the day and/or exercise a bit longer. The big celebrations like my own birthday, Christmas etc I just don't track :happy: