here's my story, can anybody help me?

Hi, I'm Bobbie! I'm a 36 yr old mother of 4, I work full time third shift (at a bread factory, yum!), I also go to school full time. At one time about 2yrs ago I was at my perfect weight and happy with myself but them my husband and I separated and I gained about 40lbs in one year and its stayed! I really want to lose the weight and be happy,i just don't know how with my crazy schedule. Most nights I get about 3.5hrs of sleep, where can I possibly fit in exercise? Another thing is that my 16 year old daughter is also over weight and wants to join me on this adventure. Does anybody have any tips or advice that could help a busy middle aged women like me and my teenage daughter? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Hi Bobbie!
    My parents recently split up. I'm sorry to hear about your separation. I gained about 20lbs and I've recently lost it but want to lose more so I can be a good weight.
    My Mum supported me to lose weight by buying me weights and exercise tapes which I enjoy. My Mum can't keep up with me but she is losing weight also (she's 57). If you and your daughter want to spend time together, I suggest : taking walks together, maybe doing something fun like Zumba classes or even hula hooping. The choice is yours. I do these things with my Mum and she works full time. We're pretty close.
    Obviously you're pretty busy so it's hard to fit it around your schedule however putting aside an hour or two to help each other lose weight can't be a bad investment of your time. :)
    Good luck with the weight loss and feel free to add me.
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    Exercise doesn't judge whether you lose weight or not - how much food you consume does.

    I can get into further detail but I already feel it's a bit silly as you've mentioned you get 3.5 hours of sleep a night (ridiculous) & you say you have no time? I've never met any human being that doesn't have "time".
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    Hi Bobbie - Glad you're reaching out on MFP to get advice! The first weeks are always the hardest. You really have to change your mindset first and keep focused on what your goals are. In terms of food and exercise, I would say to get results, it's 70% what you eat and 30% exercise. So you don't feel overwhelmed, try and aim for something small like 5 or 10 lbs. If you think of smaller goals, you'll feel more motivated to keep going especially since you have such a busy schedule.

    Sounds like it's hard to find time to fit in work outs. What type of exercises or activities do you and your daughter like to do? Whatever it is, start incorporating it into your routine on your days off. If you enjoy what you do, you will likely stick with it. For me, it's Zumba and Spin classes. I also like Body Pump classes. If you're not into working out at the gym, try hiking or walks around the block after dinner. Quality time with your daughter while getting your workout in is great and sets a wonderful example for your children! Little things will start adding up and if you mix in eating healthier/lowering your calorie intake, you'll get even more results even with a busy schedule.

    Remember that it's ok to be a little selfish and make time for YOU. For the longest time, I always did things for others and left myself last on the list. I made work, family, and everything else an excuse not to work out or eat better but since I've turned it around and put myself first, my outlook on life has been so much more positive and everything else in my life has improved!

    Good luck on journey!
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    Hi Bobbie, from your intro it sounds to me like you should first focus on what you are eating. Logging your food here on My Fitness Pal will help you to see how far off track you may be with your eating habits (assuming you are, I can't imagine how you find time to eat well when you only get 3 1/2 hours of sleep!). If you're eating terribly, just changing your diet is going to net results in the beginning. Then, when the weight loss slows down, incorporate some exercise. I do exercise videos at home; I can work THEM into MY schedule instead of trying to get to a class at a gym somewhere. Sounds like you need this kind of flexibility as well. I love, love, love zumba! It's a lot of fun and doesn't feel like exercise. There is even an app that will tell you where Zumba classes are being held in your area in case you want to check one out! I hate to exercise, but zumba is the one thing I have kept up with. Please add me as a friend if you like what you've read and I'd be happy to provide support. This journey (battle) is a lot easier to fight when not fighting alone! :smile:
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    HI BOBBI!!!! YOU GO!!! I understand the difficulties of woking third shift, working FT, and school FT!!! I was a single mother of a very young child as I did this exact same routine...lack of sleep included! My advice for you... focus on QUALITY food not quantity of food. I ate whenever I needed to have energy (big mistake) and that was if I had time to eat at all. So my body stored all the junk I poured into it. I encourge you to pack lunch, precook meals (even for the entire family), and try to give yourself a bit more time to rest your body... stress whether emotional, physical, or mental can adversely affect your weight. I agree that you and your daughter can make this a team effort.!! This also means that she can assist in cooking healthy. I cooked on my days off for several days ahead so that I was not strained for time and could enjoy those few spare moments with my daughter before work or school beckoned me away. Some of our best memories were made in the kitchen cooking, giggling, and dancing with our mixing spoon microphones.
    I know you can do it and so can your daughter!!!!
    Feel free to reach out... I am here!
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    Hey Bobbie! It's hard for full time working mom's to find time for anything that is for themselves. What finally motivated me to carve out, squeeze in, FIND the time was this: I have to take care of me, to be able to take care of the kids.
    If you and your daughter start logging your food & paying attention to calories then exercise is really secondary. I'd start by getting into that habit first.
    Exercise can be short intervals whenever you have a few minutes, a walk, dancing even. The hula-hooping is fun and you can get regular ones at any store to use at home if you can't find time for a class. A used rebounder was my best investment....every person in my house likes to jump on it.
    A lot of these folks have already listed great ideas, I just wanted to cheer you on! You can do it!
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    U make it seem like I'm lazy or am making excuses not to workout and that's not the case. B4 my husband and I split I was working out 2hrs a day 5 days a week but I worked part time, wanin school and want a single mom. My normal day now is 8hrs at work,6hrs at school, 2hrs travel time. That's leaves 8hrs for showing, mry kids,r housework, making dinner, doing homrework and sleep. And yes I agree that 3.5hrs of sleep is ridiculous but for now that is how it had to be