Any WWE on here???

BrotherBill913 Posts: 661 Member
This is John Cena, 11 time WWE wrestling Champ. He just had the exact same surgery this week I had about 10 weeks ago.( torn triicep and tendon at the elbow) I had that exact same cast, lol, wonderin If I'll be abole to get back in the ring in a few months too!!!! :)@ESPN @TMZ @WWEUniverse @eonline AM - 21 Aug 2013


  • Z_I_L_L_A
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    Triple H here. Get asked that quite often since he cut his hair. lol
  • choijanro
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    I'm a fan of John Cena,,Rey Mysterio,Batista and The Rock
  • BrotherBill913
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    Yeah Zilla I can believe that.. lol.. ok what happened to Rey Mysterio?? Been a while..
  • bluestarlight19
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    I used to heart on the Hardy boys and Lita. (does this show how old I am?) Now I like Daniel Brian and Randy Orton. I thought Rey Mysterio had a knee injury and needed surgery? I think he should be coming back soon.
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    3 words: Deer Antler Spray