Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Any suggestions on brands/styles of heart rate monitor watches? I am trying to get a more accurate reading of what I am actually burning. THANK YOU!!


  • SexyTmar
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    My hubby bought me a MIO last christmas and I love it! Good luck on your search :)
  • jmc0806
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    you can't go wrong with Polar, just whatever you get make sure it has a chest strap.
  • Melo1966
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    It depends on all that you want it to do. If you stay indoors then a cheaper Polar would be fine most people like those.

    I got a Garmin with GPS to track distance for running and hiking, a mileage phone app is only good if you have wifi or phone reception and I have gone off the beaten path and want to know distance for those times. Also for walking I do not always wear the HRM strap.

    Hope this helps.:flowerforyou:
  • michybeans
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    I love my Polar FT7!
  • heybales
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    Since the stated purpose is getting calorie burn estimates (notice it does not MEASURE calorie burn, it measures heart rate, and calculates and estimates the calorie burn), the cheapest Polar that has required stats to make that even semi-decent estimates is the


    And then it has nice options you might use later for actually training with it, and adding other components.

    All the cheaper Polars have no such stat to even see, they assume if you have a bad BMI, you have a bad fitness level, and that is a bad assumption except at the very beginning when you start working out, but it doesn't take long for that to be very wrong.
  • candice411
    Thanks for all the suggestions!