Treadmill, Elliptical Trainer or Exercise Bike?

The question says it all (almost). I need some good cardio exercise because of my high cholesterol levels. I am mostly running outside but winter is bad here for running so I was thinking of buying some equipment at home for cardio exercise. I know treadmills are very expensive so mainly among the latter two which is better?


  • JenMc14
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    The one that is better is the one you will use more often/prefer. Try each out, see which you feel gives you the better workout. You may also just absolutely hate one over the other.
  • Melo1966
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    Still better to run in the rain and snow, go to the mountains and take of snowshoeing.
    You can also look into finding an indoor track. My town of less than 30,000 has one.
  • BlueBombers
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    I have all three but I prefer the treadmill.

    It's really up to you, everyone is different!
  • BrianSharpe
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    None of the above!

    If you really want to you can run outside all year 'round, winters here are pretty cold (gets down to -40C or colder at times)) and the only thing that's guaranteed to keep me inside is freezing rain.It's just a matter of dressing properly (layer & wicking materials).

    If you're thinking of an exercise bike consider getting a real bike and indoor trainer (or if you already have a bike just the indoor trainer) that way you can bike outside in summer (I'm not hard core enough to bike outside all year long)

    If you really want to buy a cardio machine consider a rowing machine. Great full body workout & cardio. I would suggest trying one first just to make sure you don't hate it and, if possible, get a couple of coached sessions to make sure your form is good. (The cadillac of rowing machines - Concept2 - runs around $900, about half the price of a good treadmill and will last you for years and years and is great cross training for running)
  • viragoeap
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    It's no fun trying to run on packed ice in the winter which is what I'm faced with sometimes but as the above poster said, the indoor equipment best for you is the the one you will use. Why not try your local gym and see which you enjoy using the most before purchasing your own. Personally I can't stand either so I put a tape on and dance if it's too dangerous to run outside. Walking in deep snow is great exercise!
  • DawnOBRN
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    I agree with Brian! The best overall workout on a machine is a rower! And you have the added bonus of no impact which gives your joints a rest :)
  • pavloskollias
    Thanks guys! I think I'll go with the winter gearing and if that's not good enough I might look for a rower. I think my school has free gym membership so I'll think I can try stuff there. Thanks again!
  • LannyM74
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    My personal favorite is running on the treadmill (if I can't get outside), but the elliptical kicks my butt way harder. According to my HRM I always burn off way more calories on the elliptical. I have read other people say that they find running is harder for them than the it seems to be a personal thing. Definitely go to a gym and try out each for a few times before plunking down your cash. I personally do not like the rowing machine.
  • 1capybara
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    b4 u rule out the treadmill, did u look on craigslist to see if u can get one cheap?
    KANGOOJUMPS Posts: 6,473 Member
    get on your bike and ride
    or be a fat bottomed boy,,
  • Michaeljferreira17
    It doesn't matter. All cardio is good if you keep the intensity up. I prefer intervals personally. I can't stand when people say that machines don't provide good results. Not everyone can go running on a track. People have joint pain, lower back pain etc. I suffer from lower back pain and use a stationary recumbent bike. Keeping the intensity high my heart rate stays high enough to provide great results.
  • cwolfman13
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    I'm personally not a fan of the doesn't translate to anything. I can't train on an eliptical and say, "this will make me better at X." A treadmill will help make me a better runner. A stationary bike will assist in making me a better cyclist...a row machine mimics the act of I can get a little kayaking work in (though I suppose it's not the exact same motion)...but I've never been able to determine what the eliptical would do other than burn calories.
  • madworld1
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    See if you can get a free week's pass to a gym. Then, try each cardio machine out to get an idea of the best purchase. I can't use the elliptical because it hurts my knees. I have a treadmill and an indoor bike at home. I still run outside when the weather permits. Since I live where it gets blistering hot, I enjoy having indoor gym equipment at home.