Why college football is king

1PatientBear Posts: 2,089 Member
For those of you who don't get it, this MIGHT help....


If you still don't get it, then you may be beyond help. I'll still toss you a beer if you stop by my tailgate though....


  • soldier4242
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    What kind of beer are we talking about here?
  • sixout
    sixout Posts: 3,129 Member
    Why can't everyone just enjoy football and stop talking about which is better? Jeeze.
  • djeffreys10
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    Because WAR DAMN EAGLE!
  • sixout
    sixout Posts: 3,129 Member
    I'm thinking of going to the TCU/LSU game on saturday. I need football that bad.
  • EDesq
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    OK, I did not read the link, but if it is JUST about College Football, the intensity and unity it brings, then it is Spot on! Otherwise, I don't need Sports to partaa.
  • bootsiejayne
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    Cold chills. ❤&???? there is nothing like Saturdays in the SEC