Balancing Healthy Eating and Not beeing a Party Pooper?

What is the best way to go out with your friends and have a good time without obsessing about how many calories in each drink? Any ideas? How have you overcome this dilemma?


  • JustSammi
    Save calories by eating less a few days before then so you can spend them when you go out. Work out a bit more to earn more calories. Stick to lower calorie drinks.

    ETA: This healthy lifestyle is supposed to be maintainable for life. Which means you should be able to enjoy yourself sometimes and not obsess about calories. Don't deprive yourself, just be aware of what you're consuming and you will be successful. Good luck. :drinker:
  • KoRnKraZy
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    Plan ahead!
  • WendyTerry420
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    Plan ahead!

    ^^ This

    Don't obsess!~
  • grimendale
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    One day does not a diet break. I'm going on a Pub crawl on Friday, and I have no intention of tracking what I drink. On Saturday, I go back to eating like I usually do. I won't stress about retained water weight. It's one day; don't worry about it. Just be healthy most of the time.
  • nomeejerome
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    What is the best way to go out with your friends and have a good time without obsessing about how many calories in each drink? Any ideas? How have you overcome this dilemma?

    Just go out and have a good time and don't obsess about it. There are plenty of tasty adult beverages that are lower in calories, but don't sacrifice taste. (ex. say no to the miller 64) There is a website called getdrunknotfat that has a list. :drinker:
  • Keiras_Mom
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    I totally agree. Plan ahead, save some calories if possible, and enjoy yourself. :drinker: I have cocktails pretty regularly and just fit them into my calorie allotment. No problem.
  • cwolfman13
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    You can be fit and healthy without being a "party pooper." Let me ask you this...if someone eats like **** everyday and does nothing in RE to exercise...except maybe once per week or once every couple weeks they have a good, balanced nutrition day and go for a run...does that make that individual "healthy and fit?" I mean...they are eating broccoli and going on a run every now and then. Of course it doesn't...and the opposite applies. If you're getting your nutrition on and fitness on most of the time, going out and having a good time once in awhile doesn't make you unhealthy and unfit.

    Think lifestyle...the way you live your life most of the time...get out of the minutia of day to day.
  • lemonmon1
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    It's nobody's business what you do or don't eat or drink! People love to have company gorging themselves it seems! I am so annoyed at people trying to force me to drink alcohol or eat things I don't want to. It surprised me when someone I kniw who suffered with an eating disorder for a decade was giving me a hard time. I make a point not to bring up calories or anything like that. I just do the polite, "no thank you," but there is always someone trying to guilt me into it. I try to take a calm approach and repeat "nothanks, I'm fine"
  • Melo1966
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    When going to parties take lots of healthy snacks to share. Make your own dips and hummus, enjoy.

    When going to dinner try to find out where you are going ahead of time and look up menus. Ask for things on the side and remember steak is a better option than salads, enjoy.
  • jewel22887
    Just plan ahead and then don't drink your drinks too fast. I find as long as I have a drink in front of me no one gives me a hard time they don't notice that in 4 hours I only drink two glasses of wine because I don't focus on it.
  • MyseriMapleleaf
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    I plan ahead a few days to accommodate for a few drinks. Liquor has less calories than beer/wine but watch out for mixers! Ask for sugar free/diet options or even ask your bartender "what's good" as far as skinny drinks go. They should be glad to help.

    I never drink more than one or two while out so it's usually the foodie in me that breaks me down. I also either plan ahead or head home and get on the treadmill/do a 20 minute workout video if I stray too far. Mostly I just pick the best options available: sushi, salad, grilled chicken w/e. Stay away from wings/pasta/sandwiches. Restaurants add in SO many unneeded flavors/oils/etc. and they are surprisingly awful in calories.

    Finally- the BEST trick I've learned HANDS DOWN is do a little research. I know I'm going to "blah blah blah" tonight.. so on my lunch break I google their menu/nutritional info and I can plan my day around what I'll consume that night. There are no surprises and you won't have the anxiety/embarrassment of asking what "a dieter should try". If it's not available online, check the MFP database by just typing in the name of the eatery and seeing if anything comes up and you can even call ahead and talk to a manager (they have lists on hand, by law) and they will never know it was YOU when you show up later that evening. ;)

    Stay away from the 'free bread' if the place offers it.

    Don't eat fruit garnishes/ask to omit them.

    *Edit- for every alcoholic drink you have, drink a glass of water. Helps keep you too full to splurge which is good for your gut, your liver and your driving record :P
  • jlapey
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    Unless you party on a very frequent basis, I wouldn't worry about it that much. Have fun, be 'good' the rest of the time.