Going to Costco

Looking for ideas for healthy foods to get. :happy:


  • spotina
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    you have found my wheelhouse...:heart:

    frozen foods - blueberries, plain tilapia loins, shrimp, broccoli, stir-fry veggies

    cold stuff - hummus, yogurt (prices are great), string cheese, fresh chicken breasts and tenders in vacuum packs (great portions easy to freeze), flank steaks (I split these in half and freeze), ground turkey (always cheaper than the regular grocery...comes in 4 packs but be careful and weigh out when you are cooking as they are way bigger than 1lb each pack)

    those items are always there...some seasonal stuff that we really enjoyed this summer that probably won't be there anymore - Coleman chicken burgers, very limited processing, 200 calories or under, Amylu Chicken sausages 120 calories

    there's only two of us in the house, so I generally don't buy fresh produce there except for garlic and onions

    I buy my regular use dried herbs like chili powder and cumin and I get my muscle milk powder and vitamins there too

    p.s. even our pups eat Kirkland Dog food and love it...we're big fans of Costco if you can't tell
  • notnikkisixx
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    I'm just feeding myself, but this is what I usually get:

    -Earthbound Farm Spinach
    -Grape tomatoes
    -Mini peppers
    -Mini squash
    -Broccoli (I freeze about 3/4 of the giant bag!)
    -Sara Lee 45 calorie bread (I freeze 1 of the loaves)
    -Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries
    -Kirkland frozen chicken tenderloins
    -Organic eggs
    -Fage Total 0% greek yogurt
    -S&W black beans

    All of these things are soooo much cheaper at Costco than anywhere else, and I have no troubles buying them "in bulk". Clever meal planning ensures that nothing goes bad on me.
  • glin23
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    I also like their carrots (I prefer the regular 10 lb bags vs the baby carrots). O oftentimes also get the mini cucumbers, the mini bell peppers, mushrooms, etc... There's also celery, asparagus, a pretty good bee jerky (the Kirkland branded one). I also recently saw that they added kale.

    In short if you are able to consume it or store it, Costco can be a great option.
  • lblert
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    Costco has some really good deals on healthy stuff. I like to get:
    -Organic baby spinach (it's a big package, but I add it to eggs, sandwiches, and salads, so it gets used up pretty fast)
    -Fage plain Greek yogurt in a big container - much cheaper than buy small servings at the grocery store
    -Knudsen lowfat cottage cheese - again, the big container is much cheaper than smaller ones at the grocery store)
    -Kirkland extra virgin olive oil - cheaper and better quality than the national brands at the grocery store (was rated the highest of all evoo's in terms of quality and taste in a study by UC Davis)
    -Amy's frozen organic cheddar bean and rice burritos - made with whole wheat tortillas, brown rice, and whole beans.
  • spotina
    spotina Posts: 13 Member
    agree on the eggs and black beans....cheaper and superior quality to the normal groceries
  • JenSD6
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    All of the above! But definitely meats, bread, dairy, eggs. I buy a lot of the frozen plain fish fillets as well. I also watch for what's on special that trip. I immediately freeze most of the meat except for what I know I'll use in the next couple of days.

    Word of caution if you're not a regular Costco shopper, the value of the cart adds up quickly. Everything is $5, $10, $25 dollars. Expect a large bill when you get to the till, and then the challenge of fitting all of it into the fridge and freezer. :)
  • mamahannick
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    Almond butter or peanut butter :)
  • magerum
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    This is what I get from Costco weekly:

    4 packages of Kirkland individually wrapped chicken breast (6.5 lb bags)
    2 packages of Bybee frozen mixed veggies (3 lb bags)
    1 package of Broccoli (3 lb bag)
    1 package of fresh spinach (3 lb bag)
    1 3 lb package of cottage cheese

    Every other week:
    1 Box of Bagel bites
    1 case of 5hr energy

    Once a month:
    1 3 lb bag of Kirland almonds
    1 2 pack of Peanut Butter (3 lbs tubs)
  • bcf7683
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    ...I'm jealous. I don't have a Costco near me :frown:
  • Cassierocksalot
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    I buy 90% of our groceries at Costco!

    - Flat of 5 dozen eggs
    - 2 gallons of whole milk (for my hubby's brittle/healing bones)
    - Bags of mixed frozen veggies
    - Fresh veggies when my faves are in season
    - Bags of chicken breasts
    - Ground Turkey
    - Oatmeal
    - Marcona Almonds (AMAZING if you haven't tried them)
    - Greek Yogurt
    - And a quick skim past the books on my way out to keep my mind healthy too!
  • Jewelsfla
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    bump :)
  • JenSD6
    JenSD6 Posts: 454 Member
    Last time I was there, a fellow was taking pictures of himself with the 5 kilogram tub of Nutella.
  • Cassierocksalot
    Cassierocksalot Posts: 266 Member
    Almond butter or peanut butter :)

    They have almond butter at your Costco? Jealous! I have to swing by the regular grocery store on my way home to grab almond butter and brown rice cakes.
  • dunadan
    dunadan Posts: 105 Member
    KS Frozen berries (strawberry, blueberry, and the medley)
    Dave's Killer Bread (21 grain)
    KS NF plain greek yogurt
    Nature Valley Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate protein bars
    Peanut butter
    HK Anderson Peanut Butter-filled Pretzels
    Smokehouse Almonds
    Bananas (ripen at home, peel, and freeze)
  • Ed98043
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    This is what's usually on my list, though some of it is seasonal:

    -English cucumbers
    -Heritage cherry tomatoes

    Deli & Meat:
    -New York steaks
    -Lime cilantro shrimp

    Premier Protein shakes
  • ThickMcRunFast
    ThickMcRunFast Posts: 22,511 Member
    On my usual list

    -frozen tilapia loins
    -frozen shrimp
    -kale/broccoli salad mix
    -cherries/grapes/strawberries/raspberries (whatever is the best sale)
    -kirkland wheat break 2 pack
    -mini sweet peppers
    -brussles sprouts
    -giant bag of spinach
    -24 pack eggs

    every now and then
    -all natural peanut butter
    -sack of lemons or limes
    -moningstar farms garden veggie patties
    -gardein fake mandarin orange chicken (so good over the broccoli slaw as a salad!)
    -brown rice (5$ for 10 lbs)
    -dried plums
  • StacyReneO
    StacyReneO Posts: 317 Member
    Coconut oil
    Freeze dried fruit (not regular dried - the ones I get come in a box of 15 packs of freeze dried and it's less sugar then regular dried)
    Raw Honey
    Frozen veggies
    Wholly Guacamole
  • Thanks for all the great ideas!! Can't wait to shopping! :wink:
  • AmyRhubarb
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    I was just there today!

    Some of our staples, many of which have already been mentioned -

    AVOCADOS! :love:
    tilapia and other frozen fishies
    boneless skinless tenders (love that they they thaw out and cook up fast - great for lunch!)
    pork tenderloins
    coconut oil
    seasonal veggies (asparagus, artichokes, apples, berries)
    fresh pineapple

    I'm sure there's more...
  • justified111
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    OK guys, if any of you are peanut butter fans are you ready to have your mind blown? I LOVE peanut butter but it's super high in calories. I found this last year:


    I add it to all my smoothies and they're amazing. It has 85% less calories than peanut butter because all the oil is removed.