Cheat Day?

So do you think it's ok to have 1 cheat day a week, every 2 weeks, or however often you feel comfortable with? Granted I'm just starting and yes I've lost more than I thought I would in 1 week and I'm not ready to have a cheat day, but if that time comes,do you think it will just ruin everything or set me back?


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    Preface to say... this is what I think. May not be scientific.

    I did a diet once that included "load days". So basically, 1 day a week I was supposed to eat a lot. And then it was supposed to reset my metabolism so I could drive the weight back down during the week.

    Eh, it would take me until Wednesday to get back to where I was before the weekend load day.

    I've been reading success stories here, and I'm looking for what people have done, which has brought them success.

    From what I gather, consistency is a big one. If you are goal focused, and you want the weight off, I don't think you're going to want to go nuts for a whole day and stall yourself. I don't even want to tempt myself by doing that.

    I've had filet mignon a couple of times and even had a cheeseburger (8 oz. monster) one night. But I plan ahead so I don't bust my calories. So I plan for it.

    I read someone else talk about cheat meals. I think that's a better idea than a cheat day. So if you find yourself really wanting something with high calories, just don't eat as many calories during the day, drink lots of water and work out. I say to drink lots of water, because it seems to me that the high cal foods I eat seem to be loaded with sodium.
  • I didn't mean for cheat day to come off as all day eat as much or whatever you want. Guess I should've thought that through before posting it lol. I ment a cheat meal. i mean just from counting calories(MFP), excersing, and drinking NOTHING but water everyday all day I've successfully dropped 6lbs in 1 week :) but I kinda want a burger or a small fry one day lol. maybe not both in one day but some time in the future lol. But thank you your reply has been helpful :)
  • I prefer to do a cheat meal and keep the rest of the day reasonable and healthy. For me a full out cheat day makes me extra hungry for days later.
  • I love the idea of a cheat day but know if I did it I'd find it really hard to get back on track again so I try to allow for the occasional whoops moment within my calorie allowance. Like tonight, I'm having pizza, but I've been very careful what I've had today. Plus I'm only having the pizza because we got takeaway last night and I don't want to throw all of it away!
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    You can totally leave room for a burger and fries in your daily calories, honestly. Just have a very low calorie breakfast (like... egg white omelet with spinach or something), have your burger and fries at lunch, and it might keep you so full you won't be that hungry later... then have some grilled chicken and veggies for dinner or something. That's like 400 calories for breakfast and dinner, leaving quite a bit of room for your meal.

    I'm just recommending to have the cheat meal at lunch instead of dinner, because otherwise you're starving all day, when having a calorie heavy meal for breakfast or lunch is more likely to keep you full most of the day.
  • Set a goal for "cheat day"...25 pounds maybe...maybe 20 - depending on what you have to lose. I used to say "when I get to 200 pounds i will celebrate...then would wait until 198 to make sure i had room to gain if i did without feeling i lost my goal...just an idea!
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    I know this is a little off topic but I went on vacation this summer after 4 months of strict MFP and losing 30 lbs. Ate as much of whatever I wanted for an entire week (LOVED IT!) and really didn't exercise. I mean, I was really naughty. As soon as we got back in town, 7 days later, it was back on the wagon. It set me back a couple of weeks total in my overall weight loss cadence. It's not for everyone and that first day back was a tuffy.
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    Look at it this way. . . consistency is key as was mentioned above. Also keep in mind, ONE bad meal will not make you fat, the same as ONE healthy meal will not make you lose weight. If you are consistently eating clean and healthy, having a cheat meal or a treat every once in a while will not do much in the way of derailing your efforts. Just keep it once in a while. Best of luck!!
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    I recently completed a weight loss & fitness challenge at my health club. We had to log food, exercise,and sleep every day, except, we were required to have one "off" day per week. I found that I didn't want to eat everything that wasn't nailed down on those "off" days, and I was still mentally tracking what I ate, in the sense that I might think "Is that really what I want to have on my off day?" I still do the one day off a week. I don't think anyone would advocate it being a "stuff yourself" day - just a day when you can be less vigilant. If you are eating well the rest of the time, your new habits will influence your off day(s) choices.
  • There is no cheat day, trying to lose weight and become fitter is not a test or a exam you have to pass, and it doesnt matter how long it takes to get there as long as you make small improvements consistently. The idea of trying to lose weight means you start to look at what you are putting in your body to fuel it, and what you are expending in energy. Going overboard every day leads to gaining weight, and losing motivation. Restricting yourself and cutting everything you like out of your diet can make you lose heart as we are surrounded by images of food constently, and you start to crave the things you are saying you cant have.. The trick is finding the balance that works for you best, if that means taking things off the menu completely then thats fine. Personally I like the odd sweet thing, and going out for meals, so work my food around that. As long as its balanced nutrionally and Im not going nuts every day I eat pretty much what I fancy. The days I do know I have less control of knowing what I am consuming I accept as me being human and not a cheat day but as a day when I say hey look I want a life too, and just make sure they dont happen often. This means that Ive gone from a mad calorie, fcp counting manical woman who spent all her time dreaming about the foods I couldnt have, to one who has a healthy relationship with food, and find that the cravings I used to have now are none exsistent as if I really want something I could have it :)