Help me love grilled chicken !!



  • Wildtree Rancher Steak Rub...yum!!
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    Grilled chicken is AWESOME.

    But I understand not loving a certain food, so try sauces, Honey BBQ, Honey mustard, Orange with a bit of honey, Terriaki, the possibilities are endless.
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    Bit of olive oil and some dry spices just rub it in using the olive oil. I use Masala dried spice quite a bit and cook using the foreman grill. Nice and easy.
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    I got a crap ton of spices in the cupboard and I eat about a pound of chicken 3 to 4 times a week and prefer to season and cook on the grill.... Weber makes some pretty good rubs and seasoning... There Beer can chicken seasoning is my favorite..... second would be the Jerk chicken seasoning.... beyond that we make buffalo sauce shredded chicken for wraps, chicken stir fry, to name a few... Best of Luck
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    If cooking on a Real grill (not in your oven etc) try McCormick garlic herb seasoning. It makes it taste so good.

    Other than that I roast my chickens in the oven with your basic "chicken" spices (rosemary, sage, garlic, pepper, salt).
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    A little off-topic, but how different does organic free-range chicken taste from mass-market ones? I usually get frozen chicken breast from Sam's Club or Trader Joe's and I trim, season, and cook it to near-oblivion, but I always get that off-putting "fowl" taste. Is it because the chicken might be factory-farmed? Anyway, I'll most likely never eat a piece of chicken again because I don't think I can tolerate the taste anymore. I was just curious about how others handle it.
  • I really want to like grilled chicken but find it so boring and bland. Anything that I can do to help make it better?
    Buy steak instead?
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    I marinate ours in Italian dressing and garlic and hubs bbqs it,,,everyone loves it
    he does it in bbq jerk chicken marinade and everyone loves his...
    its al about how you bbq it tho
    mine is THE MASTER,
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    If you are eating skinless chicken breast it tends to get over cooked and dry. The marinades that others have mentioned are good because they add a little fat to hold the flavors along with salt and spice to the meat. If you want not to add extra fat from oil, find a recipe for Tandoori Chicken. It is a yogurt marinade that surprisingly makes the chicken tender and moist. For Cuban flavor try onions, garlic and fresh squeezed juice from an orange. The combination is so good with chicken.
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    My 17 year old son cooks chicken for us 3 nights a week on the grill. He uses Garlic and Herb seasoning and Rotisserie Chicken seasoning and a little bit of pepper. After grilling the chicken a couple of minutes on each side, he wraps in foil and lets sit inside the closed grill for awhile. It comes out moist, juicy and full of flavor.

    We serve it with brown rice and your choice of fresh green veggie. Season the rice with garlic powder and cumin. YUM!!! Fresh, and healthy!!
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    I buy the Tyson Smoked Steakhouse boneless, skinless breast with rib meat at Super Center. They also have a Southwest flavor and a couple of other. Yes, there is a bit more salt and seasonings, but they taste so much better than just bland plain chicken breast. I am a bachelor, so the less prep time and hassle the better. I will either eat it by itself, or I will cut it up and put in a salad. Either way, it tastes great! :)
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    BBQ jerk marinade or spice rub - you only need a tiny bit, zero calories and not too bad for sodium.
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    season it and/or marinate it....what, are you just eating plain old chicken on the grill? Yeah...that would be boring.
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    for me all the spices in the world wont make a difference......the only thing that helps is not overcooking the chicken. I will never order chicken in a restaurant because it is always overcooked. (probably afraid of salmonella) . Experiment with cooking time. a nice juicy piece of chicken does not even resemble a dry sawdusty stringy overcooked piece.
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    i have grilled chicken everynight. i havent gotten bored yet. there are many 0 to low calorie marinades - problem with some of them is SODIUM. its also great with lemon slices. I eat it that way A LOT. just squirt some lemon on it!!!! mmm its so good. thats my dinner for tonight with some veggies of course.
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  • Barbeque it!!!
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    I like to make mine on the foreman grill and coat it in fat free italian or raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Or sometimes I like to put a little bit of soy sauce on it too. There's not a lot of calories in it, but the sodium is really high so I don't do it often.
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    In my fridge at any one time are 4-5 open jars of salsas/relish/mustard. We just grill the chicken and my husband and I each look at all those jars and pick our own flavor of the evening. A tablespoon or so of Stonewall Kitchens Farmhouse Relish, or Mango Lime Salsa on top of the grilled chicken is enough to spice up the whole piece. And it requires less planning ahead (and fewer dishes!) than marinating, although we do that when we've been more organized.
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    I really want to like grilled chicken but find it so boring and bland. Anything that I can do to help make it better?

    Olive oil, and garlic. I sometimes get a squeeze bottle, and pour a bunch of garlic and itlaian seasoning in it, and then fill the rest with olive oil. I put it on the grill, and spray it with the bottle, flip it and repeat for the other side.