All I eat is carbs

Okay so i was looking at my macros and like 70% of my diet is carbs! I am trying to do 30fat-20protein-50carb. Those numbers arent set in stone but I just want to stop eating so much carbs and idk what else to eat. I mean i eat protein and healthy fats but apparently it just doesnt contribute to my diet much. Any ideas?


  • Melo1966
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    What do you eat your diary is closed?
    The body needs proteins and fats.
  • funforsports
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    Eat chicken, beef, fish, beef jerky, milk, greek yogurt, nuts, peanut butter, string cheese, cottage cheese. You can even add in a protein drink to get a bit more.

    Those all have a decent amount of protein. Focus on having a portion of protein at every meal and it adds up.
  • Akimajuktuq
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    Stop avoiding the most necessary of the macros, if you really want to be "fit" (or maybe you meant "thin" instead of "healthy"?). You can actually live without carbs (yes you can, and even thrive-I live with people who did just that up until recently) but you cannot live without fat and at least a small amount of protein.

    Or just change your macros and exclude everything except carbs, because IIFYM it's all good. Right? :noway:
  • EmilyTwist1
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    Your diary's not open, so I'm not sure what your carb sources are, but if you're like most Americans, the bulk of your carbs are coming from grains. A simple way to eat less carbs, and more protein and fat, would be to reduce or remove grains from your diet, and replace those calories with more meat, fish, eggs, veggies, etc.
  • CyberEd312
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    Nothing wrong with a 50/30/20 split especially if you are exercising regularly. My split is 50/25/25 and love my carbs... They fuel my body for the monstrous workouts I do.... You can always add in more chicken lean meats peanut butter cheese etc etc. If you want more protein and fats... Best of Luck
  • 3dogsrunning
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    When building your meals, figure out protein first. Then add veggies (which have carbs) and fat, then the really carb heavy foods after.
    I always found having one meal leaving out carb heavy foods helped me balance easier.

    Watch your snacks. Most of mine were all carbs.
  • BeachIron
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    Eat more protein and fats., more chicken, eggs, avocados, dairy, beef, nuts, peanut butter, tofu, pork, fish, etc.