Tailbone hurting when doing mat work



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    I don't have Scoliosis(sp?) but my tailbone curves out a bit more than other people. There are some exercises I simply cannot do because of the painful pressure. Anything lying on my back and tilting the pelvis is completely out. I haven't found a way around it. I just do other things.

    Sorry this wasn't more helpful. Good luck!
  • Nope no kids. I'll have to work on the core thing but omg I was hurting so bad doing that mat work I was like there is no way, I've got cushion it or something or I won't be able to keep doing this. At least I'm not the only one out there!
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    i find i have this problem now that my hip bones have less "cushioning" on them. heh. for yoga, i find that tilting my hips helps - basically repositioning on the mat until i have more of a cushion under them :)

    my current theory is that with the fat going, i need to build up muscle as a cushion. i notice it with a lot of places where my bones have less fat covering them now - if someone pokes my ribs, OMG! i never used to be able to feel it and now it hurts!
  • I did the visualize the belly button to the spine thing, it helped some. Still hurt a little but not as bad. Only one move where you have to life your butt up and bring it back down for some sort of ab work did I have to cushion myself.
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    Yep, I have this problem too since I've lost all of my weight. I attribute it to the fact that I don't have any padding left so it's bone on mat (seriously, my *kitten* is now so flat it's practically concave. LOL!)
  • My wonderful pilates instructor did some research after I had the same problem (long tailbone) and found that by placing 2 foam pads alongside the tailbone that the space left between accommodates the extra length and I can do all the exercises now with NO pain!
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    I literally cannot do a traditional sit up because it hurts my tailbone.
  • Same problem here! Three mats is the magic number for me. But now I want to try to figure out this mysterious belly button spine technique...
  • I'm a male that has had the same trouble; a few years ago when I first try doing a pilates workout, I could do any of the floor exercises; namely anything that required raising my legs in the air and putting weight on my lower back/tailbone, as the pain was exceptionally uncomfortable - so I stopped doing it for a while. I had lost a fair amount of weight and decided to try the work out again, using extra padding, putting down several blankets, along with a pilates mat; the pain was still there, but less intense and I could work through it, and eventually I didn't notice it at all. Then after a time, gained back a lot of the weight and tried getting back into a workout routine, particularly the pilates workout I had done before, but here again I couldn't do half the workout, because there was too much discomfort along my tailbone during the floor exercises, no matter how much padding I put on the floor - which is already carpeted and not even all that hard to begin with...
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    I have this problem, too. I've been to the chiropractor for lower back pain and got an X-ray so, for me, it's because my pelvic bone is tilted back due to years of sleeping on a mattress that dipped in the middle.

    I'm told I can get adjustments to help with the pain, but my spine/pelvic bone will not go back to normal.

    Might help to do some ab-work exercises on an exercise ball??
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    This might help - imagine you are doing your zipper up on your jeans and keep the muscles there slightly pulled up toward your navel. This will tuck your pelvis in slightly and help to flatten your lower back to the mat; also good for core.
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    Try stretching your hip flexors. When you tighten them while doing push-ups they pull on your tailbone. I had the same problem.
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    I had a sore tail bone but it turned out to be Pilonidal Sinus.....do you have a sore lump there?
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    ZeroWoIf wrote: »
    Question Gals, did all of you had babies with this problem? Reason why I ask is because I have heard this before from many females who happen to have had babies. Not saying that this is the case and that is why you have the pain but pretty funny thing for me to read this.

    Alot of women do get lower back pain from having a child and/or a shot in there back. But thats not quite where the tailbone would be at. :)

    I know what you are referring to and I know thats something else. I was referring to the tailbone itself. My kids mother happens to have pain where her epidoral shot was taken at, but she also happens to have pain around the tailbone area when doing certain exercises with proper form too.

    It has to do with the pelvic floor muscles typically with women - ESPECIALLY after childbirth. I had this issue with both of my kids. I had to go for pelvic floor therapy (specialized physio). Many, many sessions later and I still have never been 100% but things like floor/mat weren't even an option for me. Now, it comes and goes but is definitely tolerable.

    I've had hydro-cortisone shots in my tailbone area and gone for an MRI. Though I did have a fractured tailbone at one point, it healed as well as one could hope.

    If physio isn't an option, I would look online to see what can be found as far as stretches, proper posture, muscle relaxation techniques and for the love of all that is good, DO YOUR KEGALS. No joke.

    EDIT: And yes, this was in my tailbone area. NOT my back, though I did experience some back pain as a result of compensating for the other pain.
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    ZeroWoIf wrote: »
    Question Gals, did all of you had babies with this problem? Reason why I ask is because I have heard this before from many females who happen to have had babies. Not saying that this is the case and that is why you have the pain but pretty funny thing for me to read this.

    I had to have mine removed. When I gave birth my tailbone was forced to curve out and never curved back in. 10 years later, I had surgery. I literally had my butt hurt removed.
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    What work is causing you pain?