weight vs dress size

Its hardly an exact science, but it's useful to know what weights different dress sizes are to help to know what to aim for. 

I'm 5'5" 337lbs and approx a uk 26/28.


  • floop1207
    floop1207 Posts: 194 Member
    right now i'm 182lb and still wearing UK 16 jeans. they're pretty baggy on me but i'm still too big for my size 14's.
  • BluejayNY
    BluejayNY Posts: 301 Member
    I own dresses fro size 2 to size 8 so I really couldnt say.
  • gracielynn1011
    gracielynn1011 Posts: 726 Member
    I am 5' 5" and weigh 135-140 lbs. I have clothing ranging from 6-12 US sizes. It really depends on the brand and fit. In my favorite brand I am just now in a 7-8.
  • kerryannediet
    kerryannediet Posts: 28 Member
    I'm a uk size 12 at 155lbs and 5ft 6
  • teamAmelia
    teamAmelia Posts: 1,247 Member
    It depends on the dress, the cut, how you want it to fit. I can fit anywhere from an 8 to a 16 or 18. I would just look at all dresses until you see something that you like and just try them on.
  • madhamey
    madhamey Posts: 70 Member
    Was 251 - UK22/20

    Now 205 - UK16 only just gone into this size

    Am 5ft7
  • laineybz
    laineybz Posts: 704 Member
    When i started i was 196lbs and a UK size 14/16 am now 113/114lbs and a UK size 8/10 at 5"2.
  • KittyViolet
    KittyViolet Posts: 220 Member
    110 lbs and about a size 4 or 6. Used to be 160 lbs and a size 16. Nevah going back!
  • knackeredat34
    knackeredat34 Posts: 66 Member
    I am 5 5, 177lbs and can just get my thighs and bum into a 14 - i am pear shaped.
  • beebopdoowop
    beebopdoowop Posts: 1 Member
    I started at 5' 7", 177.5lb and a UK Size 14 bottom (just about!) and a size 12 top.

    I'm now 5' 7", 163lb and in the same clothes so far, but they are a LOT looser :)
  • janicelo1971
    janicelo1971 Posts: 823 Member
    I'm 5/6 and 138-141..i have US sizes 4-8 that I wear
    JADEPH0EN1X Posts: 162 Member
    Im 5'9 weigh 217 lbs and in a Uk size 20 ( although trousers are beginning to be loose so need a belt .
  • carlapendergrass
    carlapendergrass Posts: 42 Member
    Way too many variables here. Height, weight, body type, the cut of the garment in question. Don't get hung up on a number on a tag.
  • Bekarington
    Bekarington Posts: 86 Member
    I'm not particularly hung up on a tag, its just that I would like to get to at least that sort of size as it will open up what sort of clothing shops I can buy from.

    I'm just trying to figure out what sort of weight that might be, so far, it appears to be about 200lbs (ish).
  • SpleenlessGal
    SpleenlessGal Posts: 24 Member
    I'm usually a size 6 (American/Canadian sizes).
    I'm 130 lbs, and 5'7".

    I want to get down to about 115-120 lbs.
    When I was that weight, I was about a size 4.

    When I was overweight at 165 lbs I was a size 12-14.

    I mean, it all depends really on your height and your body size. I know wearing a dress that I can sometimes get away with wearing a small instead of a medium, depending on the style. I have more weight in my bottom, so while I am a size 6, the upper part of my body is smaller and I wear size XS or S shirts.

    I have friends that are around the same weight and height and fit into completely sizes. It's really hard to know what size someone might be at a specific weight. :P

    But 200 lbs sounds about right for being able to shop in a lot more stores. Sounds like a good estimate.
  • Missjulesdid
    Missjulesdid Posts: 1,444 Member
    mybodygallery.com is a great resource where you can see pictures of women with their weights and dress sizes listed. I have found it very inspiring and I have posted my own pic there at several different weights. Actually if you search there for 5'5" women you will find my picture at 340, 270 and 250. My current weight is 242 and I am wearing a US 14/16 top and an 18 or 20 plus size bottom which is about a size bigger than the missy size 18 or 20. For dresses, I either wear an XL in the regular section or a 0x or 1x in the plus size section. My current profile pic is from today and I'm in a 14/16 top and a size 18 jean from Lane Bryant.
  • sunsetzen
    sunsetzen Posts: 268 Member
    I'm 5'7 255lbs (was 275) and have been and still am size 16/18 or 48eu.
  • laserturkey
    laserturkey Posts: 1,680 Member
    I'm 5' 6 3/4", about 175 pounds, and generally a US size 14.
  • sazrina
    sazrina Posts: 99 Member
    5'6" 138lbs I've literally just been able to fit into a size 10 (UK)
  • ClementineGeorg
    ClementineGeorg Posts: 505 Member
    Right now I'm around 160 lbs and I'm a 40/42 euro dress size (12/14 US size, 14/16 UK if I were to trust converter websites).