Newbie: Anyone want to start INSANITY with me??

Hi im new to the site :) im going to be starting the Insanity 60 day program on Mon Sept 16th. Eeek!!! I was hoping for a buddy to do it with for support and motivation. Im a big girl and have a big goal to do so someone who has a big goal too would be awesometastical :) but if anyone is going to be starting insanity please contact me i would love to help and could also use the support! Time for change!


  • Hey....
    Started insanity on Friday the 13th... Decided that if I waited until Monday I would find some excuse or the other to not!!!!!! I was worried ( no scared) to start this regime as I haven't exercised in years and am not the fittest person walking.... Anyway had a baby in feb and the amount of weight I put on these past few months have left me depressed and disgusted within.... So here goes nothing.... But I will stick to this like a b****
  • omisty1
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    Im starting insanity today as well!! good luck!
  • kuntreeboy
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    I'm starting today too after work. Good luck. Feel free to add me.
  • I'm starting my second round next Monday cause I'm finishing Rushfit this week. Feel free to friend me
  • Noonoo757
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    I'm totally in!! I have had it for months an I always start an stop now I want to really start!!
  • nic632
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    Hiya. I started today too. Feel free to add me as after the Fitness Test I am definately going to need some extra support to see this through!
  • I'm starting today too!
  • I'm starting tomorrow.
  • anntaggart
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    I just started last week. I love it! I can't keep up yet and modify anything that involves a push up. So glad I'm not the only one doing this :)
  • omisty1
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    how many grams of protein should i be eating while doing insanity.
  • I aim for 40% carbs/40% protein and 20% fat. These macros work well for me, especially during Insanity. If I eat less carbs and more protein my energy suffers.
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    Do you have to buy insanity or is it like 30 Day Shred and you can get it on YouTube, etc?
  • mm are you sure you want to do insanity if you are carrying a bit of weight? it is quite an intense workout.
    It is always a great idea to start a healthy active program but maybe start of a bit more gently.
    Add some supplementation, for recovery hydration.
    Remember though.. it is 20% about exercie and 80% what we put into our mouths that counts.
    So, pay attention to both factors!
    If it helps to know - I have combined my exercise routine for 26 years with www.goherbalifecom./i-nutrition
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    Hey, I started insanity on Mon 16th, so day 5 today. I love the workouts even though I cant keep up lol.

    I am struggling with the nutrition, I calculated (using the equation in the nutrition plan) that I need 1890calories, that seems like so much!

    I am not following the nutrition plan because I know I wont stick to it for 60days if I do that. But I am trying to eat healthily.

    How are you all finding the nutrition side of things?
  • mm are you sure you want to do insanity if you are carrying a bit of weight? it is quite an intense workout.
    It is always a great idea to start a healthy active program but maybe start of a bit more gently.

    Hmmmm...I honestly think ANYONE can do Insanity!! It's not about keeping up with the professionals on the screen, it's about pushing yourself outside of YOUR comfort zones. Anyone can do that at any level. Results don't come from going through the motions, they come from really digging deep.
  • nic632
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    Hi. I'm not sticking with the nutrition plan either, same reason as you and don't like all the food choices given in the plan. So I'm just trying to eat healthier food and measure and weigh what I eat, oh and try and increase my protein cos I have way too many carbs. My main problem though is that I find it difficult to drink 4 glasses of water a day, let alone 8-10 glasses!

    Hope you're all enjoying the workouts, whatever level you're at.