HRM and allergies....

I've never had an hrm, but with all of the "mfp over-estimates calories" threads I see and being at a plateau the last couple of weeks...I'm thinking of shelling out for one when I can afford it. Problem is...I have metal allergies, which are made worse by sweating. I don't think I'll ever enjoy a strap around my body, but I see the watch styles and I'd like that....but I can't have metal on my skin without a rash. I exercise 6 days a week so it's not like I can "take a break" to heal from a rash.

Bonus would be: low price, gps....(I saw some with gps online....can these do geocaching? cause that would be awesome!)

Thanks for your feedback!

p.s. putting a clear coat of nail polish on the back doesn't do it if you were thinking that...have tried it with jewelery without success.


  • mreeves261
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    The watch style aren't any better at getting a calorie burn than guessing or using MFP. You really need to use a HRM with a chest strap if you are going to use one. I have a Polar FT1 and an ANT+ Garmin (I use this one with my phone.) Neither chest strap has any metal on it. The back of the Polar watch has metal, maybe it would help it you wore the watch over a cloth wrist band?

    If you have a Smart Phone look into either ANT+ or BlueTooth straps. Polar and Garmin both have them. This option till give you all the geocoaching, gps, workout plans, etc you could ever want. There are an endless number of apps that work with Polar. There are but a few that work with Garmin. Depending on what I'm doing depends on which one I use. ETA: the bonus here is NO METAL.
  • I'm also allergic to metals, and find that taping clear medical tape to a part that comes in contact with your body helps. I don't have an HRM monitor so not sure if this will mess with the readings, but if you ever come across a piece of jewelery that you're allergic to, the tape works, not visible, and stays on through hours of dancing and sweating :)
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    I have a Garmin, the chest strap is just stretchy elastic, the only metal part is a little metal piece that slides though a fabric loop, you could probably just cover that with a band of fabric, once on. The watch I also plastic.
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    I have a polar. No metal on the chest strap. There is on the back of the watch, but you could try covering it moleskin.