How did you lose weight, is there one specific way?



  • K_Serz
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    Theres only one way to lose weight....burn more units of heat energy than you consume. Thats it.

    There are many different approaches and methods to achieve this.
  • joyfuljoy65
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    I got my head around the fact that there are no quick fixes, to lose the amount of weight I want to lose is going to take years (2-3 is my best guess at this time). I didn't put the weight on in a year and can't expect to lose it in that time. No fad diet, pills or crash dieting are going to work in the long term for me to lose and keep off the weight. It has to be a lifestyle change for me. I don't want to have a deficit of more than 1000 cals or eat less than 1200 cals (net ie my deficit plus eating back my exercise calories) in a day as long term that isn't sustainable or healthy for me.

    This is really important - this has to be something that you can keep up for ever - you are not on a diet - you are changing the way you eat long term. And in August 2012 I was in your position and couldnt imagine how I was gonna lose 66.5lb - now 13 mths later its nearly here - and its does drag sometimes, but to be honest, this has been the best way of losing weight - calorie deficit and a bit of exercise (not that much!). No fads!!!!
  • harleygroomer
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    WALKING--hated it at first but 2 laps turned in to more and more and now I walk over 4 miles every morning and then come home to do my exercises and/or Zumba. You will get there--just remember 1 becomes 2 becomes 3 and then you are going. My trainer now has me walk-running. Has been 6 months and 60 pounds lost so far. And YES, I do watch what I eat--but most importantly I listen to my body instead of gulping food fast. This is not a diet, people fail at diet and gain MORE weight---this is a lifestyle change that you will do for the rest of your life. Think of it that way and you will be successful. Good luck and remember--this isn't an overnite fix and there are NO EASY PILLS to take .. Good luck
  • Mischievous_Rascal
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    I was overweight for over 20 years and I even struggled on MFP with less calories/more exercise (including a personal trainer for months). Then I found this, and everything fell into place:

    Best of luck!
  • Athena53
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    You can see that it all boils down to "eat less. move more" but there are many ways to success within that. For me, 5:2 fasting, at least an hour of cardio a day, but no calorie-counting, works. (I have a general idea of what's high-calorie and what I can eat without worrying about overdoing it, and go heavy on things like green vegetables and baby carrots.) In my case, not looking at the scale helped, too. I get crazed about the ups and downs from day to day.

    So, everyone is a little different.
  • Cheeky_and_Geeky
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    Mostly dieting. Staying at a deficit. I eat the same as my family, just smaller portions. I eat out once a week, but just make better choices. I workout 3-4X a week. I do a mixture of cardio & strength training, but nothing too exerting.

    Good luck!
  • Gl4ever
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    Just diet and exercise it helped many people and me on this site and im sure you will be one of them if you follow that formula :smile:
  • toscarthearmada
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    I never gave up!

    If something wasn't working out, I changed it. I didn't beat myself up about it, I listened to my body.

    Low carb really helped for me too and it's a manageable change to continue forever. Really taught me how to portion control.
  • Absonthebrain
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    I say yes you sure can and the time does go by quite fast! I started by just walking about 15-30 mins a day as fast as I could and I cut out all drinks besides water and the weight came off. After a about I started a gym and lifting weights. You can do it girl! Just take day by day! :flowerforyou:
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    Eating less and moving more. I'm on 101 days. In some respects it's a slow process, in others it's fast. Make small goals for yourself, it'll help alot. You don't have to go all gungho on exercise either, you can just do something simple like a 30 minute walk. It does wonders, seriously. I started out walking 2 miles and worked my way up to 3.5 miles. Now I'm hiking 4 days a week about 6 miles. It's been pretty awesome.

    Make sure you're not eating too little though. You'll get "hangry" fast. Get a nice sustainable calorie goal and eat your exercise calories. You'll be much happier.
  • louisemallas
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    I was an 18/20 in May and I'm now a 14/16. This was a motivating factor in itself as I had a rack of great clothes (with the labels still on) which I can now fit into and this has kept me on the straight and narrow (ooops, pun there!). No fancy diets, just smaller portions of what I like to eat (although I have dropped lots of the processed carbs - cakes, pastries)) and lots of exercise. I have 'off' days but I log it and move on but I also now have the mentality to know that if I want to eat more I can - I just exercise it away.
  • trogalicious
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    there is one specific way. calorie deficit.

    there are a million different ways to achieve it.
  • youngcaseyr
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    I started just by eating less. I wasn't exercising, besides walking everywhere, until I had lost all the weight that I wanted but, after that, I started jogging 3-4 miles per day and now I run every other day, do HIIT workouts on the days in between, and do yoga every day, and I've lost a few more pounds
  • primpixie
    As the guys on here have said, and as I have done too - eat less exercise more, and it is a lifelong diet not a fad. The planner helps you see what you are actually eating. You can choose to see how much sugar/fibre/fat etc you are eating and as you go along you will get to know the foods that helpp you and those that don't.
    My problem is not being able to exercise much due to a chronic condition, but having said that Ii still hit my original goal within a year and half.
    The people on here are also a great help - get some friends on board to encourage you and the time will fly past! Good luck! x
  • 3foldchord
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    Calorie deficit.
    This can be achieved by eating less or by moving more or by a combination thereof.
  • LumpySpacePrincess1
    An 8000 calorie deficit per week from diet and exercise 5 days per week.
  • mrzdew
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    I think it all comes from setting a realistic goal for you. Don't start off by cutting your calories to low or exercising too much because you can burn out or feel hungry all day and binge. You have to do what works best for you, what works for one person won't work for someone else. If myfitnesspal sets your calories too low raise the amount a little and find an amount you feel comfortable with that keeps you satisified. Let yourself get use to that amount and then cut it back further with time. The same goes with exercise , I absolutely love the elliptical now but A few months ago you wouldn't have caught me on it. If the gym bores you or the thought of going there is discouraging try something else , skating, biking, walking , shoot even spending some time really mopping and cleaning burns calories if that's your thing. Don't let anyone make you believe there is only one way to lose weight, stay active, do what you love , have fun and the weight will come off as long as you stay committed to yourself and the change you want to see in yourself! A year I plenty of time to get where you want! Good luck!
  • captndalton
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    Years ago I read a strategy to lower your total calorie intake per day by 15% until you get to your goal. Supposed to keep you from being shocked by an otherwise sudden deficit. I dunno if it works. I've found if I put off eating, I don't get that hungry. If I have a nibble, I've opened the floodgates and am thereunto obliged to continue eating. Put eating off and redirect if you can.
    You lose weight with diet, you shape your body with exercise. Eat yourself skinny.
  • spottedkathy
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    It might seem like a year is a long ways away. But when you start losing the weight it gets more exciting and will motivate you and before you know it the year is over. Just have to stick with it. If you have a bad day, don't dwell on it and DON'T turn it into a bad week. Start over the next day.
  • bsuew
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    Yes and no. A year is a long time. But, I didn't get to where I was over a short period of time. And YES it is so worth putting that much time into yourself! I decided to change my life style Feb. 17, 2012. I started at 260 lbs I couldn't in my mind say I needed to loose any more than 100 lbs so that's what I set my goal at. I have found that low carbs is the way my body looses the best. I stay at 1200 calories. (I know some say not to but to me it's what works best) I am down to 181.4 this morning. I'm also 5' 7 1/2"
    Something else that has helped me so much is friending people on this site. I didn't do that for ever. But, just knowing that everyone else has the same problems I'm having was the help I needed. You can reach your goals. Set little ones along the way. Friend me if you'd like. I log on every day normally lots through out the day. Best of luck!