Looking for a weight loss teammate

Hi all!

I'm new to the forum, but I have been using the site for almost a year so far. I am a 29-year-old professional from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I am looking for some support so that I can break through my bad habits and get to my goal. Ultimately I wish to be back at a healthy weight by my 30th birthday, in April. If I can be there before January that's bonus because I have a wedding to go to!

Primarily I struggle with yo-yoing with my weight. I will lose a little, then gain a bit back and lose motivation. Then I kick myself into gear, lose again, then gain it back. Currently I am 5 lbs heavier than when I started, and up 10 pounds from my lowest this year (June). I eat at restaurants often and bake frequently, which I am sure does not help!

Ideally I would like to find a person who can be my weight loss "teammate". Someone I can be accountable to on a daily basis to "check in" with and cheer me on. I will happily support my teammate in this way! If I am lucky I will find a few ladies in Ottawa and make some new friends. It would be great to be able to exchange tips and tricks on what works, as well.

Good luck in your own journeys!
Alex :o)


  • Daniellechodut
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    Hey Alex,

    I am new too and I am looking for an accountability partner as well. Sadly, I am not in Ottawa, but maybe you would like to make a friend in South Carolina?

    It looks like we have a similar weight loss goal as well. I think we could be good for each other. I also like to eat out, and I really like my beer and wine with dinner. I have gained about 25 pounds in the past two years . I am over it. I have really started to kick up my exercising, but I undo all that work by overeating especially at night!

    Anyway, add me if you'd like! I really could use some help, and would be very happy to help you too! : )

    <3 Danielle
  • Hey Alex, Feel free to add me :) Looking to share food diaries as well :) Half way through a 30 day challange of tracking all my MFP meals and exercising at least 20 minute per day (starting small)
    I'm 26 and live in BC :)
  • Hi IM a 33 yr old mother of 2. I myself, we'll,IM very new to this. I need motivation. I have bad habits of not eating enough and when I do it's late. I work in the nursing field in Ohio, so by the time IM able sit down it's to do "mommy" things and care for home. IM hope to lose at least 50 by New Years. Weights a life struggle for me and it's time to change. Can u help keep me motivated and I will u.

    Good Luck n Keep Up the good work :-)
  • EL2EL1
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    Hi Ladies,

    I am going to add all of you as friends. Reading this is like the story of my life! I seem to get worse once I have been on diet and I would love to have somebody to check in with each day to see how it is going and to keep on track! Geographically I am nowhere near you all though, as I live in Australia but hopefully we can do some virtual motivation! It's about 13 weeks to xmas parties and I would like to have lost 8-10kg by then. :-)

    I love the idea of committing to tracking all food for 30 days! Anybody else want to start this with me today/tomorrow? 18 or 19 September to 18/19 October?

    Have a super day!
    x E
  • hi i am new to group and the concept of calorie counting... i would love be in touch with you all and perhaps we can inspire each to stay on track... :)

    a bit about me i am 32 in UAE work in a bank and need to get fit and make this a lifestyle change...
  • ReneeDawalga5100
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    Ill be your team mate.
  • Hi I'm new to this site as well! I have tried many different diets in the pass but haven't been successful! I am here for motivation and will help all that needs that additional help or pep talk through this journey of losing weight.
  • Hi ladies!

    Thanks for joining me :) I'm excited to meet you all!

    How did today go?

    For me, I got lots of exercise in and stuck to the food I had planned for the day (I do that the night before). There was only one small exception -- cake for a coworker's retirement -- but I feel like I burned it off with the exercise I tracked today. I feel good, and feel that allowing myself the flexibility of a very small piece of cake prevented me from over-compensating with an unplanned snack later in the day after depriving myself of cake. It was a good day for me.

    Alex :)