My First "In Progress" Photos - 13 lbs Down

kampshm Posts: 93 Member
I took my first "In progress" pics this weekend! And I can totally see a difference! It seems quite amazing to me, since I am so early in my journey. But these photos made me feel SO AMAZING! I really see the changes I am making toward a healthier me! And I already look much, much healthier!



The first two photos you can see a small change. There is about 8 lbs difference, total weight lost (that I've recorded) = 13 lbs.


This last photo really, REALLY shows my progress. The photo on the left was taken this past June, before I started my weight-loss journey. I was very depressed and unhappy. And I didn't see how big I had gotten; I was in denial. After seeing the two photos side by side, it seems like so much more than 18 or so pounds difference. I look so healthy and much better in the photo on the right. And it's only going to get better and better as I keep working hard!


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