Anyone else who has been overweight since they were kids???

I was a overweight kid at the age of 3 and now im 19 and still overweight :(

anyone else out there like that??


  • Sarahnade42x
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    I'm in the exact same place! I'm also 19 and have always been overweight...but as of today I actually weigh less than I did in elementary school! (Which is still a lot, but hey). Before this journey I really believed I'd always be big because that's all I've ever known -- now I know that's not true :) We can do this!
  • I was always obese, from childhood until less than a year ago. Everyone keeps asking me what my goal weight is but I am not real sure because I have no thin comparison of myself to go by. I've lost 100 pounds since July of 2012 and it's interesting because there are lots of things I like about being thinner but some things I don't like.
  • cacklingcat
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    yes, I lost some in my early 20's but that was beaus of bad practices(was never that skinny 160lb something). than got pregnant and gained it all back.but so far now im doing goo:drinker: d lol.
  • I was always a chubby little kid myself lol. But I was 180lbs when I started high school. :( I lost 30lbs over those four years but after I graduated, I gained it and more back. I'm 22 and currently 250lbs. :o
  • ElikaCousland
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    Yep! I've been massively overweight since I was 5 or 6, don't even remember what it was like to not be. I stopped weighing myself in middle school, so I have no frame of reference - but looking at pictures, I'm now smaller than I was in high school. =]

    Not sure what my goal weight is because I've never been close to a healthy weight, but I'm excited to find out. We don't have to be heavy our whole lives. Good on you for taking control of your weight at such a young age! Wish I would have started at 19, I'd be smokin' by now! XD
  • I have been about 40 lbs overweight all my life.. Southern comfort food coupled with the idea that girls aren't supposed to get dirty or sweaty doesn't really add up to being a typical southern belle. I am happy to say that I have almost beat that mindset and now weigh less than I did in the 7th grade. :)
  • mjrkearney
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    My original driver's license said 135, which is about seven pounds overweight for my height. I felt horribly fat throughout my childhood when, at best, I was slightly heavy.
  • mjf0461
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    Yes, always the larger girl in every class and every group. Not only heavier than everyone else but I always was a head taller than the rest. My weight & height have always been an issue for me.
    But I've learned I am my worst enemy and I have to conquer that before I can be successful.
    You can do it. Good Luck
  • Yes, have always been big. I wish I knew what I did weigh back in high school so I knew if I am smaller now.
  • kaylacollinscna
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    I've always been bigger than my peers. I've been over 200 pounds since.. I think either the end of middle school or beginning of high school (so about 8th or 9th grade). One year in high school I dieted and exercised myself down to 190 pounds but I went on vacation that summer and came back 10 pounds heavier and lost motivation because I got depressed about the weight gain. From there I packed all the weight I lost back on plus some! I'm now at less than my highest weight in high school and excited to get below 200 again. :)
  • sedentarygeek
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    I have been overweight since I was 7. It wasn't until I turned 19 that I started becoming serious about weight loss and was able to get to the "average" weight. Although, you can't always go by the BMI scale. Weight has just always been a struggle with me.
  • samygirl928
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    Yes, I think that I have been overweight since I was a kid. When I was little, I thought that big thighs were good and so I started eating more to make my thighs bigger. Now I am still overweight, but I am currently working on losing weight.
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    I think we should form a group...
  • Grenon
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    I was always large growing up, then once I went to college I was like now is the time to change it all and I lost quite a bit of weight then and have lost a fair amount over the last three years. No time like the present to tackle your weight issues that you have struggled with all your life!
  • thesophierose
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    I was! Until I was 17 and I said **** it and I went from 200lbs to 112, to 120lbs. You can do this!
  • NavyKnightAh13
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    Yep. Weight shot up I was say since I was 3 years old. Heaviest was when my mom died. Never had a flat stomach :sad: Have never worn a bikini etc

    Bad part is that it took me having my son to realize what I didn't want to go back to. I am being sent to an endo in order to see what can be done (possible insulin resistance and or hormonal imbalance since I have periods every 18 days for 6 days. They won't refer me to a dietician until after they see what the endo has to say). And even though I have lost weight, the remaining weight I have on me still is affecting my asthma to where they put me on another inhaler last week that I have to take twice a day.

    I'm 25, and in 2 years I went from 243 to 175.6.
  • I, too, have been overweight forever. I fluctuated, being fat, losing weight, being fat, losing weight. You're only 19 and I've had a LOT more time to do this see-sawing. It's a constant battle, which we must wage for our health and happiness. Keep on plugging!!
  • I've been over weight for most of my life....minus a brief stint in the military. After I separated the weight crept back up. Now I'm just starting to take this whole weight loss thing seriously.
  • WannabeStressFree
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    me! I was born chubby, stayed this way, yo-yoe'd a bit, now at age 34 I'm taking control to do weight loss the right way, I'm sticking to this!
    I was never thin, my lowest was 140lbs but I almost starved myself.
    Fortunately I'm also very healthy, but I'm 5'4 woman, now at 155 lbs, so I should really lose at least 20 lbs.
    Friend me if you'd like, I'm here everyday, in it for life!
  • simonkurth
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    yes it has been an ongoing battle.