Working out twice a day?



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    I usually do 30 mins cardio in the morning to wake myself up, then in the evening/afternoon I will do 40mins of kettlebell exercises and that is my routine 3-4 days a week. Its easier that way as I have 2 young boys and those two times are the quietest!
  • Honestly,

    If you having trouble with working out once a day, I would not try to do it twice…

    I went 3 months with working out 6 days a week for an hour each day, 2 days aerobic, 1 day strength training, after dropping 30lbs and feeling much better, now I on my 2 days off of work, on the first day heavy aerobic in the morning and light strength training in the evening, and on the next day I switch them, light aerobic in the morning and heavy strength training in the evening…

    Then I take the next day off as I am feeling it, and it is working for me… I have to say I am drinking the Myoplex shakes and they are loaded with high protein and vitamin’s, on regular days the 100 calorie shake, on days over 500 calories burned during workout the 170 calorie shake, and on the 2 days that I workout 2X and burn over 800 calories I reward myself with the 300 calorie shake and on my rest day back to a 100 calorie shake… They seem to help a lot with healing and building up my endurance…

    Good luck,
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    I can handle working out at night. I am just unmotivated to go after a long day. But once I work out, I am good to go. It actually gives me energy and makes it hard to sleep.
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    I am a graduate student,

    By the time I get home at night, I feel to drained to work out. But like I said, when I work out in the morning, I feel drained all day.

    See if you can go to the health clinic for blood work-up. You sound as though you'd benefit from iron & vitBs supplements. Blood work could tell you. A month into taking the supplements you'd probably feel much more energized with or without workouts.
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    I work out twice a day too, but it is because I have 3 small children and I find it easier to do 30-40 minutes of cardio in the morning and then do 30 minutes or so of strength training later on in the day
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    On Tuesdays & Thursdays I do lunchtime yoga and then do weights in the evening, works for me.

    I probably wouldn't couple two massive cardio or weight sessions in one day as I think it would knock me out for days! It's all to do with listening to your own body though, and what your routine is, what sort of workouts are we talking about?
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    I've been known to hit a few doubles. I always have to increase cals specifically carbs to cover the extra workout. The purpose of my doubles (HIIT) is to increase endurance and cardio recovery for sports.

    Really don't know enough about your diet and goals....
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    Please choose a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain once you achieve your goals. If you don't, you'll just gain back the weight or lose the fitness level.

    In changing your lifestyle to something more healthy, you have to make the permanent changes that will result in the goals you can achieve-- and an exercise regime and diet you can maintain for long-term success.

    Personally, I wear a pedometer and try to walk about 5+ miles (or 75-90 "active" minutes) each day in addition to hitting the gym 4-5 times per week for strength training and yoga. I find I'm getting the physical activity to maintain the lifestyle I want to live. I keep track of it, but it's not overly strenuous like working out 2x per day.
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    I suggest that you do whatever feels right to you. I try to work out twice a day during the work week. I get on my elliptical at home first thing when I get up. I do a moderate work out. I also do something at lunch (I don't want to sit and just eat for the hour). Depending on how I am feeling, and what the weather is, I run, walk or go to the gym (we have one here at work that we can use). Once a week, I also take a fun dance class in the evening. I don't eat before my morning work out, but I do within the hour after finishing. I think that eating or not it depends on how hard you work out.
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    As long as you don't overdo it, then you'll be fine.

    It won't have nearly the impact on weight loss that a changed diet would.

    But if you're doing it because you enjoy it, and you aren't injuring yourself, then go have fun.

    If you're hungry before your morning workout eat food. If having food in your belly then makes you nauseated when you exercise, then don't do that again.
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    What do you mean by working out? I might do cardio in the morning and a brisk walk in tne evening or some stretching.

    To me, it depends. I wouldn't do a full workout morning/evening depending on what you mean by it.
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    I do.
    sometimes 3.
    I do 2 to 3 hours cardio a day, 7 days a week.
    works for me

    WOW try HIITS more bang for your buck
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    U probably feel drained from lack of rest. How many hrs of sleep do u get. I would try for 3x week workouts. I do weights 2x week cardio 3x week. Sometimes less if I feel I need rest. If your overtired u cannot perform your best anyways.
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    I work out twice a day like 2 days a week most weeks. I do a lunch class and then an evening class. I like that face that i can stretch my workout. i am concentrating on the numbers. You have to do at least 240 minutes of cardio or more for weight loss. I try to make sure i get that in my 240 with in the the the 1st 3 days if my schedule allows me. ( I am busy mom with 2 boys in football). Then every things else is bonus and i can fell better.
    Do what works for you. I need more cardio as i get into eating better.

    I then try to incorpated weight training. But like u i get tried in the evenings and don't feel like working out after work football practice and dealing with cooking, homwrk, and husband....

    I also would recommend if you walk for like 10-15 minutes 2-3 times out of the day that will count to. For me cause i work at a desk I try to walk at every 10 minutes til like at
    9:50, 10:50 and then at 1:50. to wake myself. up. not sure if you can do that.

    Yeah, that bit in bold

    NO :angry:

    You need a calorie deficit for weight loss - exercise while recommend is optional. That 240 minutes is new BS, first time I've seen that.

    If you're tired doing it once a day then twice a day is stupid imho. you need to do something you enjoy that you can stick to. There are no shortcuts. Twice a day will just burn you out if once a day is already to hard.
  • cafeaulait7
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    You could split your workout into morning then night so that it's less total time at once, if that's what you mean. No problem there.

    And if a person is fit enough, you can definitely do something like full yoga in the morning and bike riding or jogging in the evening for a long time. No problem, if you've worked up to it.

    Some folks who lift weights do cardio too in a day, depending on what they can do and what they like. I wouldn't lift weights on the same body part two full sessions in one day. And I wouldn't do cardio that is too rough on a muscle I've lifted that day.

    Two full cardio sessions seem fine if a person works up to it. Dancers, etc, do cardio all work day long :)

    The key thing is working up to it slowly, though. No beginner should start out planning on doing two full sessions a day of anything, I don't think.
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    Three days a week I have two workouts. One at 5:45 and the second at 11:30 am.
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    If you can workout twice in one day, everyday you're either:

    a) not working out properly in your first session; or

    b) a pro athlete

    Seriously, though I've not much to add to this thread, except it seems you are not really an advanced trainee, and would more likely burn out from a sustained run of doubles. Or you would end up half-arsing both sessions and extracting half the benefit from twice the time-commitment. Of course, it's your time....

    Finally, as others have noted, it really depends on what you're doubling. A run in the morning and a session of yoga in the evening is a different ballgame than heavy lifting twice a day.
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    If you're feeling drained, I'd pay more attention to what you're eating before I decided to boost your exercise. You should not be drained like that, check your iron for a start, and make sure you aren't deficient in anything else. I personally get fantastic energy from drinking fresh green vegetable juice half the week, and carrot/celery the other half. Worth looking into, I think so much depends on nutrition, I did the quick methods as a teenager, nothing beats taking your time with it. You'll lose weight slow, but will gain experience and knowledge. If you lose the weight in a couple of months, there's no lesson there. Nothing to stop you falling into old habits, because you'll be of the mindset that you can just exercise a tonne and it'll come off again. Embrace the lifestyle change. I don't do anything to lose weight anymore unless I think I can realistically keep that change up for life.