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Need a new workout program! Suggestions?

Hey guys! I'm looking for a workout program, it doesn't matter if it's 30 days, 90, etc. I have lots of Jillian Michaels DVDs and while I love her, I need something different. I am interested in Chalean Extreme and T25 but I'm not sure which one to pick, or if there are others that would better suit my goals.

My goals: I am done losing weight. I want to do a workout that is fun, less than an hour long, contributes to cardiovascular health, and transforms my physique. Now that I have lost all the weight and kept it off for 7 months, it's time to get a great body!

Equipment I have: At home, I have a large room, yoga mat, dumbbells (3lb, 6lb, 10lb) and a "medium" strength exercise band. There is a gym in my office building where I have treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and a few weight machines. I'm more interested in a home workout but can incorporate running on the treadmill/outside or something into my workouts. I am not opposed to buying more equipment.

All suggestions are welcome!! If you need more info, ask! Thanks guys. :)


  • dmpizza
    dmpizza Posts: 3,321 Member
    My wife loves Cathe Friedrich.

    What I do is;
    Day one
    5k on an elliptical
    Day two
    10 minutes on elliptical
    3 sets of 15 pushups
    3 sets of 15 mountain climbers
    various planks

    Then repeat and make on or two days a week a rest day.
  • TwinkieDong
    TwinkieDong Posts: 1,564 Member
    I should have stated before I like regimented, and this has meal plan, what to do, how to do it. Videos for free, you can print out the workouts, the calendar, etc.
  • waltcote
    waltcote Posts: 372 Member
    I mainly walk myself. I used to run alot but it wore on my knees. One thing to make running fun I think is to incorporate interval work outs. Run fast for a bit then wind down and repeat a few times. It doesn't have to be a set distance. Run like a kid in the park. Race to a landmark then slow down then set another target. Just a thought. :bigsmile:
  • TeaBea
    TeaBea Posts: 14,517 Member

    These sites are super helpful in finding exercise DVDs. You get video clips, reviews by professionals (and amateurs). The fitness level, impact level, equipment required is all listed.

    I really like Kelly Coffey Meyer DVDs - she has a whole series called 30 Minute to Fitness. The DVDs have 2 workouts plus lots of premixes to keep it fresh. Lots of styles: bootcamp, weights, step areobics, kickboxing, etc.
  • AmberA219
    AmberA219 Posts: 27 Member
    I'm doing Insanity. It's a great workout and you don't need any equipment. Each video is between 20-45 minutes long and when I'm done I'm exhausted but I know I got a great workout. The videos are kind of expensive but if you can find it online cheaper or on craigslist then I would definitely give it a shot!
  • Angie2822
    Angie2822 Posts: 70 Member
    Zumba is a lot of fun- it's great cardio, flexibility and toning. Sometimes when I really want to push myself I add light weights to it- ankle weights and dumbells. I really enjoy it and actually look forward to it.
  • beaches222
    beaches222 Posts: 437 Member
  • shawnakrebs
    shawnakrebs Posts: 50 Member
    I a currently into Insanity, and soon I will be ordering T25. No excuses with T25, 25 minutes of pure cardio and strength training. Insanity has changed my body so much, thinking T25 will just add to the positive. :)
  • jeremyw1977
    jeremyw1977 Posts: 505 Member
    I a currently into Insanity, and soon I will be ordering T25. No excuses with T25, 25 minutes of pure cardio and strength training. Insanity has changed my body so much, thinking T25 will just add to the positive. :)

    Agreed, both Insanity and T25 are bonkers, and badass.
  • teresamwhite
    teresamwhite Posts: 947 Member
    i've recently started the Butt Bible...I'm about a week into it, but so far I really like it.

    (You can find the videos on YouTube, if you want to try them out first.)
  • 1fitnessplanner
    1fitnessplanner Posts: 63 Member
    loving t25 and maybe brazil butt lift would fit into what you're looking for or cathe shock training? oooh there's so many les mills combat?
  • TheMojoMissy
    TheMojoMissy Posts: 18 Member
    I like her, too. She & Leslie Sansone are my "go to" workouts. I never have the dread factor with Kelly. She gets it done in a short amount of time & always offers a modifier. Love her!
  • rbienvenu
    I don't like to do anything that's gonna wear me out. I should feel energized after doing a workout, not worn out. Jennifer Lee has a great set of 12 DVDs of 30 minutes workouts that uses a technique where she does 30 seconds of cardio and 30 seconds or strength training. pretty efficient and fun, which is the key.