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OMG I hate these little bazztards! They are getting into my house constantly! They freak me out and make my daughter crazy. The only way to kill them is to flush them since they stink so damn bad.

I've tried the DIY stinkbug trap, but it didn't work. Does anyone get them and what do you do to get rid of them???? And to those of you who don't know what they are..consider yourself LUCKY! These bugs are the worst! I HATE THEM!!!!!:mad: :explode:


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    The obvious solution: Burn down the house.
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    I think a exterminator might help
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    I hate them too! I get them from time to time. They are awful. ICK. I have no solution but I agree with you on how terrible they are.
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    Are these common in Ohio? I don't have them as far as I know.
  • Lisa1971
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    The obvious solution: Burn down the house.

    LOL! Why didn't I think of that????:laugh:
  • Lisa1971
    Lisa1971 Posts: 3,069 Member
    Are these common in Ohio? I don't have them as far as I know.

    I am from Ohio but now live in PA. My parents live in Ohio and say they don't have them. They are lucky!
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    I live in Northwestern PA and these things drive me BONKERS!!! They are everywhere. (Did you notice how they turned green in the summer?)

    I bought one of those stink bug traps from home depot and the only thing it caught were those bugs with the pincher things on one end (I hate them, too). Don't really know what to tell you to get rid of them. We flush a lot of them and I'm always sucking up their little *kitten* in the sweeper, too.
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    Home Defense from walmart, lowes, home depot...comes in a white container and can be sprayed around pets
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    I buy Demon WP from

    Kills all bugs, including stink bugs. Toasts scorpions and wolf spiders, too.

    Humidity is high where I live, so I spray once a month outside and all around the perimeter. However, in the garage I only have to spray about every 3-4 months as the residual spray gets the little suckers every time. The spray dries nicely, doesn't leave any noticeable residue, and is highly effective.

    Don't get mad....get even! :devil:
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    I spray bug spray around the windows and doors. Also, some of the pool cleaners have a chemical that repels all kinds of bugs. I buy the pool cleaners and throw handfuls under my house every 6 months. Any bugs that are hanging out under there run away! I even put it under my porch and around the perimeter of my yard.
  • Anyway, yeah these get into my house as well and I'm sealed tight even in summer. I just keep helping them back outside. Ick!
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    I live in eastern PA and they are pretty bad here. It's usually when the weather starts changing that they really try to come in the house. I flushed 3 of them this morning.

    I hope stinkbug season doesn't last too long this year..
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    They don't bother me all that much now, but I used to despise the little buggers. I just scoop them up on a paper towel and either flush them or toss them back outside. I'm in Ohio and they are pretty awful this year. What still drives me nuts about them is that if I leave the windows on my car even cracked, they fly right in :mad:
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    I'm in ohio and we've been getting quite a lot of these little pests. They say to seal any cracks in the house, make sure screens are in good condition and if they come in the house do not squish them. Suck them up in the vaccuum and immediately empty it into a plastic bag- tie it shut and put it outside in your trash can. The stuff they squirt attracts more stink bugs.
  • don't have them here in Cali.

    I see a move in your future!
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    i see your OSU avi. i'm in columbus also and there is currently 15-20 of these in my office glass atrium. gross central.
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    I just learned to coexist... sorta. They're sneaky little *kitten* and hide everywhere. We have them super bad right now.
  • As I look up out of my cubicle, I can see three trapped in the flourescent lighting right above my head. They sneak into my car while it's parked outside the office, so my ride home in the afternoon can be exciting. They seem to stick around on the windshield no matter HOW fast I'm driving. They. Won't. Die!

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    We don't have any in Missouri, at least where I am in Blue Springs. I had never heard of them until now.
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    I get them often, and yes, they do stink, especially when my cat munches one by mistake.
    Though my policy, with all bugs, is to catch it, and put it outside. :) It does get tedious though, but sometimes I put more than 10 bugs outside, mostly hornets and such.
    Bugs are good creatures. :)