Websites for Creating Healthy Meal Menus

I am looking for your recommendations for websites that help you create meals based on good dietary principles. Please help with any suggestions. Thanks!


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    Our ideas of good dietary principles may differ, as people here seem to have all different eating plans that they follow.

    My #1 favorite though is The author is maintaining a 100+ lb weight loss and has been helping her mother lose weight over the last 8 weeks. I love the menu ideas and would love to have a gourmet chef of a daughter cooking for me!
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    Thank you ChristineinMA! I took a browse through that website and it looks great. Can't wait to try out some recipes.

    Keep the suggestions coming!
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    I'm bumping this thread because I need recipe ideas.

    I've been eating paleo/primal low carb for the last year or so and now I can eat grains, beans, etc again I want some new recipes, but I also want them to be relatively low in calories (as in, I can have a satisfying dinner for around 500 calories).

    Any good healthy living blogs that don't preach, or demonize certain foods?
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    I'm a big fan of Harvard School of Public Health's "Healthy Eating Plate" and other information at their NutritionSource site.
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    Not sure if this is helpful but being lactose and fructose intollerant has driven me to the Paleo diet and I found a realy good recipe book. Being on a pension means I have limited funds but there is also a video on the site explaining that Paleo need not be costly and is very helpful.
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