Logging steps?

So I've got a pedometer app on my phone that can link to MFP, and automatically log steps/calories.

I've set myself as Lightly Active, but isn't that taking into account my general moving about? So should I actually log those steps, or should I do what I've been doing up until now, and just log longer periods of walking, like from home to the train, etc?

Any thoughts?


  • ce_fit
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    If it was me I would only log extra activities. Your assumption that your activity level takes into account your regular routine would be correct.
  • omma_to_3
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    What pedometer? A FitBit? If you have it linked to MFP, you never have to log your steps - it will do that when you sync the FB. But if it's different, or you don't have the accounts linked, only record things above and beyond "lightly active". Since that's difficult to determine, I prefer to keep my settings as sedentary.
  • AndyStanford
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    It's the Runtatsic Pedometer Pro app for my iphone, so it logs every step I take as long as I'm carrying the phone. Just experim enting today suggestions that I've chewed up over 200 calories simply by moving around the office. Is MFP really taking that much into account if I set my activity level to "Lightly Active" vs "Sedentary"?

    When I end the "session" on the app, it uploads it to the Runtastic website, which is linked to my MFP account and automatically logs it. I'm not logging the steps that the app tracks manually as well, but longer walks (eg train station to home) I've previously logged manually.
  • GrannyGwen1
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