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Maintaining but!!!!!

greattimesgreattimes Member Posts: 123 Member Member Posts: 123 Member
I am maintaining my weight of 126-130 lbs. with out any problems but the problem is I'm getting bigger. My small tops are getting to small. I have been lifting weights 5-6 days a week since Feb. and have increased the weights and repetitions. And before anyone says anything I use a weight machine and it works for me. Now I need to decide whether to quit lifting weights or at least cut back. I really do enjoy it and It has been beneficial. I just don't know whether I want to get any bulkier. I have adjusted my diet for weight lifting increasing my protein and carbs so will I have to adjust again if I quit lifting.


  • SiansoneaSiansonea Member Posts: 917 Member Member Posts: 917 Member
    Do you dislike the way you look? If you like the results visually, you could just buy bigger tops. :wink:
  • nxd10nxd10 Member, Premium Posts: 4,525 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4,525 Member
    I think that's it exactly. It's not about weight.

    How do you feel?

    How do you look?
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