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Type2 Diabetes

I have had type 2 diabetes for 10 yrs.I am on Meformin.Anyone interested in friending me with ideas for controlling my blood sugars. I am 65 and am 25 lbs from my goal weight.


  • carolemorden9
    carolemorden9 Posts: 284 Member
    Hello. I also have Type 2 Diabetes and take Metformin and I also take Lantus. I would like to be your friend here and help you out. What's worked for me is to exercise more and lose weight. I am mindful of what I eat and try to get more protein in my diet. It's good to have fat in your diet as well.

    You can also check out the "Type II Diabetes Support Group" in the groups. It's a great group and lots of helpful people.
  • besdais
    besdais Posts: 76 Member
    My husband just found out he has type 2 Diabetes, but he will never get on the forum. I am trying to diet/eat healthy, and I'm wondering if I can combine my diet with what I'm going to have to fix for him? He needs to lose more weight than I do!
  • melismh
    melismh Posts: 25 Member
    I have type 2 diabetes, since I have lost weight on MFP along with exercise, I feel much more energized. Keeping sugars low is paramount. All the best:heart:
  • AJ_G
    AJ_G Posts: 4,158 Member
    Eat a high protein, high fat, low carb diet. Incorporate exercise into your life including weight lifting and cardio (doesn't have to be a lot of cardio).
  • sil91929
    sil91929 Posts: 3 Member
    Alooooha! Type2 Diabetic here... started Lantus in June and attending classes. Learning lots... need to lose weight and exercise (which I hate)
  • MysteriousMerlin
    MysteriousMerlin Posts: 2,270 Member
    Hello!! Same here, diagnosed 5 years ago. I'm taking metformin and insulin (trying to get pregnant). I previously took just the metformin and dropped 50lbs, but put about 38 of it back on being on insulin alone (other factors like stress and infertility issues didn't help).

    I walk twice a day (uphill and up stairs) on my work breaks and I watch my carbs (I try to keep the carb count under 45 per meal.)
  • Kpvoneschen
    Kpvoneschen Posts: 4 Member
    Hi, I am 74 and have had diabetes for 15 years and this year it has started to be difficult to control, so I am seriously trying to lose weight and get my A1c down lower. I also have to say that I am not the most computer literate person in the whole world, so I am not even sure I am doing this right!!