A toaster is not a toaster.



  • SmexAppeal
    SmexAppeal Posts: 858 Member
    Toast should not be consumed unless there is cheese in the middle

    I challenge this train of thought with the trifecta + cinnamon:



    TOUCHE!!! I haven't had that in so long.... dang it all, now I must consume some!!!
  • Melissa22G
    Melissa22G Posts: 847 Member
    Great, now I want toast.
  • AprilSchulte10
    AprilSchulte10 Posts: 95 Member
    The things I miss when Im sleeping...
  • rml_16
    rml_16 Posts: 16,414 Member
    My toaster is an oven.
  • rml_16
    rml_16 Posts: 16,414 Member
    Argh! That actually makes me sad and now I don't ever want to eat bread again. Or toast it. :-(
  • Mine is a creme brulee torch.
  • SmexAppeal
    SmexAppeal Posts: 858 Member
    Mine is a creme brulee torch.

    Now I want creme brulee... thanks a lot!
  • sassyrayofsunshine
    sassyrayofsunshine Posts: 499 Member
    We should all eat more like our paleo ancestors and toast our poptarts over an open flame.

    because cancer ...or something.

    In for poptarts

    poptarts... where?!?
  • MTBrob
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  • obrientp
    obrientp Posts: 546 Member
    I love toast with butter and jelly
    Or with peanut butter
    Or with cheese
    Or with cinnamon sugar
    Or with fried egg
    --or basically anything
    Toast is the most.
  • jlapey
    jlapey Posts: 1,850 Member
    But a "toaster-oven" IS a toaster and an oven and it's AWESOME!
  • MysteriousMerlin
    MysteriousMerlin Posts: 2,270 Member
    A door is not a door...
  • TR0berts
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    this kind of toaster?


    No, this kind of toaster.


    edit: stupid oversized pic...