Starting Insanity

Hi everyone :) I decided to start Insanity today. Anyone who would like to join me? Any word of advice from people who've done it already?


  • capriqueen
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    Thanks! My only workouts so far have been with JM, and I'm out of breath with those! I guess I really need some conditioning. Also, I can't follow the meal plan. (asian vegetarian). Do you have to follow it to see results?
  • EniBee
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    This is my last week! Take one day at a time. Dig deep, keep your core in AND remember to breathe!!! Good luck and enjoy!
  • I am starting Insanity today! I have not done this before, super exicted though. I know it will be tough, but we can do it!
  • sassyfrass9
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    I am attempting it again today in order to finish this time. I began it back in May and did not finish the first month...not necessarily because it was too hard, but because I got lazy and gave myself excuses. I am beginning tonight with my fit test and should finish the week of Christmas!

    As I said, I didn't finish it-got about 3 weeks into it- but the workouts I did do were very tough. I have been slacking majorly lately with exercise and eating healthy and am hoping that committing to this program will force me to remain consistent. I am open to any new friends also beginning this program! Lets all hold eachother accountable to finish!!!
  • healthyversionofme
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    ive started today too! i sent you all a friend request! lets do this!
  • absmith_
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    Anyone can feel free to add me (put a message first so I know!)

    I graduated insanity on Saturday and loved it so much that I picked it back up from the beginning again - this time with my husband as well! <<< my picture shows my insanity results from round 1! hoping for just as good results from round 2! Just did month 1 day 2 today :)
  • tonybalony01
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    I've done Insanity before, and we have a love/hate relationship. I hate the way I feel while I'm doing the workouts, but love the feeling after I'm done.
    In response to your diet question, you don't need to follow it. I didn't follow it and still saw pretty good results. Just eat right for your meals and dig deep during those workouts.
    Good luck and have fun.
  • jjjyoti
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    I started today too!!!!

    I hope we all can get through it!!!
  • capriqueen
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    It's great to know I have other partners in crime! Anyway, let's keep each other posted! I've only done Jillian stuff so far and never such hard core cardio! So its kind of intimidating.....but anything to lose those stubborn inches :)
  • capriqueen
    capriqueen Posts: 974 Member
    Can anyone tell me how much you eat on Insanity?