Boiling meat?

I am curious about how to measure the calories in cooked meat, particularly minced beef. When I use mince I generally boil it and then add my sauce or flavouring etc instead of frying it. I have always done this, not just since I've started to lose weight. Anyway, when it's boiled there is generally a lot of fat in the water that is thrown away and I was wondering how to take this into account for calorie counting? Do I ignore it and just count it as it is on the packet or can I cut myself a bit of slack on the meat when the fat has been thrown out?


  • MissMormie
    MissMormie Posts: 359 Member
    Whether you cook meat, grill it, or put it in the frying pan the weight that liquefies due to heat will come off. Check how you feel. Is your weight where you want it to be? (ie, are you losing, maintaining or gaining as expected) Then continue as you are doing now. If you feel you're weight isn't doing what it should than you should slightly adjust the calories likewise.

    Other than that, don't worry about it.