I am a 23 year old Male, 5'10 185lbs. I want to cut down on fat weight, ideally lose 10-15 lbs within the next couple months. I'm going to start eating very consistently and am actually going to the store now to buy food. I plan on eating a banana and yogurt in the morning, turkey or chx for lunch, and same thing for dinner. Throw in a whey shake or two here and there in the mix and some almonds. Thoughts on this? I'm looking to keep it as simple as possible and don't mind eating the same type of food once or twice per day. I don't need variety as far "keeping it interesting"


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    It sounds like you're going to a very low amount of calories this way. Of course it depends on portion size as well, but I would make sure you eat enough. Also, the amount of fruit and vegetables (ie vitamins and fibers) seems to be very low. You can easily add some variety to lunch and dinner by incorporating different vegetables. Not because you get bored otherwise, but because different types of food have different vitamins and minerals in them. On that same note you might want to add in fish once or twice a week.

    Also, your proposed diet seems very high in protein, but very low in everything else. Is this on purpose? There isn't too much of a problem with that on the short term, but adding in some fish could give you some essential oils (stuff is called essential if the body doesn't make it itself.)

    I'm guessing you're already doing something like weightlifting to keep your muscle tone since you're specifically want to cut down on fat, but if not, try adding some of that. It will ensure that you lose mostly fat rather than fat and muscle.
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    If you can find no issue in eating the same foods cool. I've found that adding in greens and veggies with lean protein with some healthy fats each meal kept me full. I'm 5'5 185lbs down from 265lbs. I'd love to drop another 10-20 lbs but I'm content where I'm at. Good luck I'm sure you can figure out what works for you.
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    Too low calorie, no veggies, and completely unncessary. I am 5'11, 31 years old, 185lbs, desk job and 5-6 hours of exercise and eat 2400-2600 calories a day, macro's around 40% carbs, 30% protein and fats . I lose 1 lb a week which is what your goal should be.
  • the consensus is to add veggies into the mix then? as far as fish and other essentials... what's your opinions on literally taking vitamins or whatever it may be as far in pills?
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    I definitely agree with psulemon.

    Also the biggest problem with your plan is that it is a "diet". You will lose weight, too fast probably and a lot of lean muscle mass. Then when you go off of your "diet", you will gain the weight back and possibly more because your metabolism will be slower due to the loss of lean muscle mass from said diet.

    You need to actually take the time to figure out how many calories you maintain your weight on as well as how many calories you need to lose weight. The more educated you are on the subject, the more successful (and healthier) you will be the first time around.

    So, use some of the calculations on the site, set up your account to lose 1lb per week and log your calories every single day.
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    the consensus is to add veggies into the mix then? as far as fish and other essentials... what's your opinions on literally taking vitamins or whatever it may be as far in pills?

    The difficulty with taking vitamins is that your body often uses other stuff (like oil, or a different mineral) to actually use those vitamins. So if you take them, do take them together with a meal. But quite frequently a lot of the vitamins can't be absorbed by the body and come straight out again. If you keep the low fat levels you're planning on I'd really look into fish oil capsules.

    If you eat a varied meal you're probably fine without any