Just started - need advice re salt soup and fitness pal

Not sure if anybody can help but I just scanned a tin of soup into the app, worked fine showing cals, fat etc but it didnt show the salt content therefore on my nutrient list it showed I hadnt had any salt today when in actual fact the can of soup had 2.6 grams in.
I am missing something or does the app not go into details like salt content?


  • psuLemon
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    Are you tracking sodium?
  • well I set up a max intake each day in settings, is there something else I need to do?
  • ahh right, just checked and I am tracking sodium. My problem is when I scanned the tin of soup, the app didnt register the sodium content, just the other things like cals and therefore the sodium reading that I have consumed remains at zero
  • MissMormie
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    The app reads the barcode and looks in it's database for a food with that barcode. In most cases the food has been entered by another user and it appears in this case the user has not entered the salt contents of the soup.
  • yes I think you are right. Just scanned a can of veg soup and it took on aboard the sodium yet it didnt on the chicken soup. Bar code issues I think. Thanks for taking the time to reply