Artic Zero Ice Cream

Have any of you tried it? Is it any good? Worth the $?


  • sjohnny
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    It tastes like cardboard flavored air.
  • theopenforum
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    yep come to think of it I should do a video review for it.

    To answer your question, yes and no. It is definitely an acquired taste. A better step up from skinny cow but you really gotta find a flavor that suits you. For me I can deal with I think its like maple? I dont know I cant remember Ill edit this post when I get home and check my freezer.

    Does it get the edge off? MMM it depends on what you consider sweet. If you just came off of candy bars and real ice cream, then this will taste awful to you. However if you find oranges extremely sweet and Stevia is something you have heard of then it may work for you.

    Can I justify the 5 bucks for the size? Well that is going to really be up to you. It is probably the healthiest ice cream substitute out there but the taste is nothing to write home about. I would say try one and see. But the flavor plays a huge role so you have been warned.

    Score 6.8/10

    There review ahahaha ^_^


  • Railr0aderTony
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    It tastes like cardboard flavored air.

    I did not think it tasted ^^This good. One of the worst things I have ever eatten in my life.
  • Some of it is tasty (Peanut Butter for example). However, their coffee flavored version tastes like boiled hot dogs. Seriously, I actually wish I was joking.
  • hollyk57
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    I have never heard of this but it sounds disgusting.... I'm a fan of eat the real stuff, just have a small portion and feel satisfied instead of trying to fill the need with something that will leave you feeling like, 'what the hell did I just eat?' and still looking for an oreo
  • TheGymGypsy
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    If you let it melt a little the texture is ok. I got the peanut butter chocolate flavor and it literally didn't taste like anything. For sure not worth the $5-6 they charge for a pint. I threw half of it out.
  • Leigh14
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    I'm a quantity over quality kind of girl when it comes to food ... and trust I *did* eat the entire Arctic Zero container when I got it ... but it did not taste good. Not even close to good. I wouldn't spend the $$ on it again.
  • TheGymGypsy
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    Look for Halo Top ice cream. It's 280 calories for a pint, it's got 28g of protein, and in my opinion it's pretty delicious. The texture takes a little getting used to, but I absolutely love it. Start with vanilla, it's the best one.
  • climbing_trees
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    I bought it once and sorta enjoyed it. Probably wouldn't buy it again though. Chocolate flavor.
    I let it melt to get a more "real" texture, and topped it with a peanut butter sauce I made with PB2, water, honey, and cinnamon.

    There's slow churned ice cream in way better flavors with ~200/250 cal for a cup. As soon as I can trust myself to have a whole jug of ice cream in my freezer and not eat it in one day, I'm gonna get some of that. haha
  • magerum
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    No. It's like frozen cardboard, but with sharp ice crystals.
  • I actually like the flavor. I have low standards for taste, though. There's been a bit of a stink about it recently, since they grossly underestimate the number of calories in a pint, apparently.
  • diannethegeek
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    I did not enjoy the taste or texture and you can't trust their calorie estimates. I'll stick with my Skinny Cow and frozen Greek yogurt.
  • Phoenix_Warrior
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    I wanted to like it because I couldn't give up my hummus for the night to eat just a little bit of pumpkin ice cream, so instead I tortured myself with chocolate peanut butter cup LIES. I mentally set myself up to be eating essentially water but oh man. It like disappears in your mouth. I wasn't sure I needed to swallow. In the least, my husband got a good chuckle at my face on the first bite. And then he goes, "You bought it, you have to finish it." *insert evil laughter"

    Just save up your calories for the real stuff. Your tongue will thank you.
  • gregpack
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    Tried it once. Didn't taste that great and was quite pricey.

    I think you would be much happier taking a good tasting protein powder (like syntha 6) and blending it was water & ice. You can make a pretty decent "milkshake" that way- much better than artic zero. There's also some very good sugar free low cal ice creams out there.
  • OMG_Twinkies
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    I've only had the cookies & cream flavor, but I actually liked it. But I'm unwilling to pay that kind of money for a snack.
  • twinsmom03
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    I bought it too...I added a small serving to my protein shake to make it was "ok". I won't be buying it again :/
  • mamadon
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    I bought some about a month ago. It was supposed to be chocolate peanut butter. Now, I am not a picky eater. At all. I mean I can eat just about anything. I could not eat this. Threw it away.
  • jennilsf
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    I just bought the chocolate peanut butter this week to try this out for the first time. At first, I wasn't thrilled, but I let it melt to add stevia to sweeten it more for my taste. Back in the freezer for a bit, and it came out perfectly for me. I think it's great! The consistency is creamy, texture is spot on, and I get my chocolate and ice cream fixes. It's so yummy now, it's worth the money and extra step to make it just right. I will definitely be buying more of the chocolate peanut and regular chocolate. I'm not interested in or have any high hopes for the vanilla or other flavors. For me, I just need my chocolate! lol
  • lindseyb317
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    I really wanted to like it.... but my dogs wont even eat it, and they should really be named dyson and hoover :(