Sad & discouraging day

I'm so confused...almost 2 weeks of eating right and working out and I gained 3 lbs since my weigh in last Friday??? This is so discouraging!!!:sad:


  • _jayciemarie_
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    Did you log everything--even creamer in coffee or a small tootsie roll? Don't be discouraged. As women our bodiea fluctuate. Dont give up!
  • stt43
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    Are you definitely in a caloric deficit? If so then the 3lbs must be from water, muscle, or stomach contents.
  • mamacoates
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    Give it some time. Sometimes people lose several pounds right away because of water weight loss, while other people actually gain scale weight because they are starting a new exercise program which triggers the body to retain more water at first to help with metabolic processes. Keep exercising and log in EVERYTHING that you eat/drink so you can analyze the data as needed. Let your body catch up to these health changes you are making and I am sure you will start to see results.

    P.S. Be sure to take measurements so that if you do not see progress on the scale that you expect, you have another gauge of your progress.
  • littleburgy
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    Given that's within normal fluctuation in a day, don't let yourself get discouraged.
  • Ed98043
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    Do you really eat at least 2 meals every day at Subway, Chili's or El Pollo Loco? If so, you might be underestimating your calories, and definitely your sodium. Do you not count fruits and vegetables, or just not eat them?
  • CallMeCupcakeDammit
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    Are you definitely in a caloric deficit? If so then the 3lbs must be from water, muscle, or stomach contents.

    Wouldn't be muscle in 2 weeks.
  • davisbrenda9
    How do your clothes fit? Are you loosing body fat? Those are the true measures.:smile:
  • spdlaw604
    Don't give up!! Review your diary and reevaluate what you've done. Make sure you have been accurate with your entries. I found an entire week I was making mistakes with my entries. But what ever you do don't give up!!

    Rooting for you!! :happy:
  • AmykinsCatfood
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    It looks like you've been eating out a lot- it's probably sodium related. Drink some water and you should be ok :)
  • usmcmp
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    Do you really eat at least 2 meals every day at Subway, Chili's or El Pollo Loco? If so, you might be underestimating your calories, and definitely your sodium. Do you not count fruits and vegetables, or just not eat them?

    The calories you have logged for almost every fast food or restaurant meal are wrong. They are all way too low. I'm guessing there are other things you are eating and not logging. Try cooking everything at home for a week and weigh everything you eat.
  • Elliehmltn
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    I think this is the flaw in the "weigh once a week" practice. It's supposed to be a more accurate measure of progress than daily weighing, which may vary by one or more pounds in either direction each day.

    But.... suppose your once-a-week weigh day catches you in an "up" fluctuation? That's not the accurate measure it's touted to be. You freak out because you've gained weight when maybe you really haven't, you just ate something salty the day before, or something.

    If you weigh yourself every day, and write it down, and once a week average up the daily weights, this will factor in the daily fluctuations. Then compare your weekly averages, not single weekly weigh-ins that catch you in a random point of your ups and downs.
  • Dreaj79
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    Im right there with you!! I switched up my routine and gained 2.2lbs on the scale. If you know you are logging everything correctly and exercising properly then just keep at it. I'm contemplating going scale free for November and just sticking to what I know is healthy behavior. I hope everything turns out well for you! :drinker:
  • Meghansnana
    I can totally relate. It is not unusual for weight to go back and forth. Especially in the beginning that was my problem, but believe me, if you just hang in there the weight will straighten out and be a bit more. Consistent for you. Be sure and do not drink during meals and wait until you are 30 mins to an hour afterwards , water just washes right thru and then you are hungry as if you hadn't eaten at all . Hang in there, diary all your intakes , pretty soon things truly will start doing what you were probably expecting them too ! ! ,!
  • lijepa1979
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    When I first started this back in March, I was very discouraged. Quite honestly, I did not see much of a difference in the scale for the first few months. However, my measurements in inches kept going down. I have been building a lot of muscle since I started. I have lost about 20 lbs since March. I took almost 6 weeks off from actively trying to lose weight late spring/beginning of summer because I was pregnant. (I miscarried early summer.)
    Anyways, my point is that if you are starting this and are not in the best of shape, it might take a while to notice a difference on the scale while you work on building those muscles again. Just keep at it :)
  • Capt_Apollo
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    if your recent logging is correct, then you are severely under-eating. i know, it seems counter intuitive to eat more to weigh less, but i didn't make the rules... FSM did.
  • Kevalicious99
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    I regularly gain and lose up to 7 lbs a day .. and really never give it much thought.

    The scale is not the best answer when it comes to determining if you are making progress.
    It has taken me some time to realize this .. and once you do, you will feel much better about yourself.
  • Jewlz280
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    Well, for one thing, it hasn't been 2 weeks. You've barely done over a weeks worth of tracking with your first day being on Oct. 21 and one day blank. But I have to say, your food is all over the place and your cals are VERY low if this is accurate. And I have to wonder if it is with some days you only eat 500 to 700 cals. That's just not good. And then you're eating ALL processed food. By no means is processed bad, but I mean, you aren't getting any ol' regular food in there to balance that out. And other than alcohol, not seeing any other fluids in there either. My advice? Eat more variety of food, track EVERY SINGLE THING, double check all of your entries against the package or the website, get a food scale, drink more fluids (especially water), and keep your cals higher. You want to lose, but going too low is a bad idea. And lastly, give yourself some time for all of those things to work. If you are eating right, eating at a deficit, and being 100% honest, it will happen. Just do what you gotta do and give it time.
  • hungryhobbit1
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    I agree with what others have said, mainly:

    - where is the food in your food? Eat some fruits and veggies and don't try to starve yourself. Watch your sodium. If you keep eating out every meal you will always be at least 1000 mg over the RDA.

    - Weighing yourself only once a week isn't going to give you the best representation of what is really going on with your weight. I know some people are really big on the weekly weigh in thing, but I weigh myself every day. Somedays I'm up, other days I'm down. I record the days that I'm down and as long as the trend line keeps pointing in the right direction and I know I'm good on my calories/exercise I don't let the up days bother me. If you are anywhere near your period you will weight 3-5 pounds more. Your sodium levels are also probably causing water retention.
  • MandyMason7
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    Your calorie counts are off. Here's the actual calories for your Subway breakfast: 390 for the sandwich, not the 190 you have in there and this is assuming you have no condiment on there and just had the steak, provolone, and egg white on flatbread like is stated. Your carbs: 47 (where you got 9 I have no idea), fat: 10 (not 6), protein: 28, and here's the killer; sodium: 1240.
  • felicia8604
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    try adding more fresh veggies.... like baby carrots are good to snack on, maybe an apple with peanut butter. For breakfast switch to maybe oatmeal or a protein smoothie.
    Good luck and don't give up. Remember that it took you a while to gain the weight, so it will take a little while to lose it.