Starting insanity

I've read that it's really hard and you need motivation
I'm quite fit go to the gym regularly and jog and I've completed Jillian Michaels a few times
The only thing I'm worried about is injury
I sometimes have problems with my ankles and suffer shin splints
Is it better to do it bare foot?


  • ShibaEars
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    Insanity is fun! It is as challenging as you make it. If you need to take it a bit easier for whatever reason, then you can. If you're full of energy, you can really push yourself.

    I wore shoes for it, to give my ankles/feet a bit of stability, but it's up to you. And also depends on what kind of flooring you will be on. If you get shin splints, I'd recommend wearing shoes that give some cushioning. And make sure you finish the videos and do all the stretching. I found it helped to do extra stretching after too.
  • trecey31
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    This will make my 2nd time around doing Insanity and I just started yesterday with the fit test. I had great results the first time and will do even better this time its all about going as hard as you can but yet pace yourself, also you have to be willing to change your eating habits for it to be totally beneficial. Good luck you can do it!:smile:
  • kirsteeeeenxo
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    Thank you guys:smile:
    I'm so excited to get started!
  • CharlzO
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    2 weeks in myself, and I found that I have to wear my sneakers on my hardwood at home, and I keep a couple towels with me; one to wipe the sweat off my head and any drops off the floor, and one to keep my sneakers clean so they don't slide. The first workout day, I did it barefoot, and it was brutal on my feet, blisters started forming, and just..sneakers for me then on out.

    And as was suggested, make sure you go at your pace. Push yourself, but don't kill yourself. If you need a break, take one, get back into it when you've caught your breath. Today for example, my left shoulder started aching during level 1s, so I ended up alternating some sprints and push-ups just to not push my shoulder too hard. And don't feel that you HAVE to go the exact speed they are, because they've done it before. You'll get there in time, but just push as best as you can while being safe, and even if it feels like the first weeks aren't doing a lot, it really does.