Hurt my back 6 days ago, can't exercise :(

So I have been doing Jillian Michaels DVD's with weights and Samba dance DVD's for 2 months, and I have lost 12 lbs. Was starting to see some awesome definition in my muscles - in my arms for the first time in my life! - but then I tweaked my back about 5 days ago (my back often gets tweaked in times of stress or not enough rest - and that has been the case recently). Today I finally have a day to rest to see if I can relax enough for it to feel better however it will take a few days. It's already been a week so it might be another week before I can exercise.

Will a week or two without lifting my weights cause me to lose a lot of what I have achieved, or is this amount of time probably not going to be a big deal? I had moved up to heavier weights and I am scared that I will be weak again by the time I can get back to it :(


  • you have to strengthen your lower back muscle to avoid injuries, also doing some back scratches would help, but make sure to warm up first

    > back stretches
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    Yes, I was using "girlie" handweights when I first started, then then were so light I went to several sporting good stores to get heavier ones. I could find them easily when I lived in Oregon, but I live in Denmark now and all the weights are under 5 lbs in all the fancy exercise equipment stores.

    THEN I went to a hardware store and got me a set made for men - not pretty but it had plates so I could adjust the weight as I get stronger. I got a set that had 1.5 kilo plates up to much heavier ones, so I thought I could use 2 of those on each handweight, and it would be 3 kilos each (I had been using 2 kilos). What I didn't realize was that the bar/handle and the hunks of metal that hold the plates on are also very heavy and added their own weight, so I think I went up from 2 kilos in each hand (4 lbs) to like 5 or 6 kilos in each hand (10 - 12 lbs) and the first day I used them I thought "oh *kitten*" because I distinctly felt my lower back feel strained.

    So the one set is too light, the 2nd set much too heavy, and that's all I have access to. So frustrating.

    Thanks for the link to the back stretches - by the way I see it's a site from Medford - that is funny - I used to live in Salem for 10 years!
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    Be careful with back stretches if you've injured your back. I have a problem back that started with a small injury (twisted while standing and holding something heavy). Basically you want to rest for now. Try to lay on your back, back straight, knees elevated. Take care when moving. Use alternating heat and ice on your back, and use Ibuprofin (muscle relaxant). When you feel better, start light and work on your core. Maybe also learn how to hold and lift properly so you lift with your intended muscle and not your back. Quick recovery!
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    Hey Voodoo.. I did the EXACT same thing with the Jillian Michaels DVD and had a bulging disk in my neck and a pinched nerve in my back.. The doctor said to limit myself to 2 days of that workout a week (rather than 5-7 like I was doing at first). Now that I'm all healed I am limiting myself to walking and light weight lifting. Feel free to add me
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    Sorry to hear about your back, but don't think you can't exercise because of it. I suffer from chronic back pain and I am still able to work out on a regular basis.

    Basically you want to stay away from weight bearing activities for the next while, so no weight lifting (obviously). One of the best things to do when you have a hurt back is go for a long walk. You want to keep the blood flowing to help flush your system while your body repairs your injury. Don't run, but a brisk walk is a simple and free thing you can do everyday. You also want to stick to low impact, so again no running. Maybe find a pool and go for a swim. Doing yoga is another good way to help strengthen your whole body to help prevent future injuries.

    Hope this helps and speedy recovery!
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    Hi, sorry to hear your back is bad!

    Just thought I'd add my 2 pence worth, I having a couple of bulging discs in my spine, one severely prolapsed (requires surgery) and some undetermined damage to my neck and I exercise at least 4 times a week - minimum three 1 hour sessions of swimming (about 1 mile each session) and 1 hour strength in the gym.

    I must say swimming has actually helped me move with more ease on a daily basis and my pain, although still constant, is nowhere near as bad as it used to be. It's a great low impact sport. Lindsayvernon is right, running is not a good idea! Keep active, even gentle-brisk walking is perfect, staying sat or laid up in the same position is not beneficial.

    The best advice I ever received? If it hurts, don't do it.

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    Just wanted to add that while I was doing Ripped in 30 (I think that's what it's called?) I felt like I was seeing great results. THEN my knee started to hurt so bad. I quit doing the workout but my knees continued to bother me for months.