"If every day where like today"

mikej1978 Posts: 362 Member
When you complete your diary it gives the "if every day where like today you would weigh..... in 5 weeks"

Is there a way to change that to 3,4,6, 8 weeks or longer? I know this is not very accurate because I know people arent going to eat exactly the same amount of calories every single day but, since it is an option I would like to know if it can be changed.....


  • bumblebreezy91
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    I haven't seen anything in the settings regarding changing that time frame. You could check losertown(.com) if you want to see the estimates further in the future. I go on there sometimes when I need to see some good news, like to see the estimated date that I will arrive at my goal weight if I continue doing what I'm doing. :)
  • IanBee93
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    I don't know why it's not 4 weeks. 5 weeks confuses me
  • waltcote
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    I think it's irrelevant, since most days are not the same for me. I work out differently and eat differently daily. As long as I'm progressing is what matters to me. At first it seemed like I was losing weight at will. Seems to have slowed down the closer I get to my goal weight. So I am starting to monitor my body fat and BMI a little closer on our scale at home. I have actually recently upped my workouts to burn more calories. I was mainly just walking at first. Now I am back at the gym doing higher intensity cardio and some light strength training. And I haven't really increased my calorie intake. My loss has slowed but I believe I am toning up more. Time will tell as I monitor my body fat and BMI.