How can I stimulate my appetite?

Lately I have lost my desire to eat. This isn't the first time it's happened, but it's also not my usual state. I am finding it especially hard to eat healthy foods that, frankly, I don't find appetizing at the best of times.

I am trying to get back into shape and rehab my ankle and shoulder, so I need to eat to fuel my workouts. Lately I have been relying on protein shakes and bars because I can't get myself to eat real food.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might do to stimulate my appetite?

Just to be clear, I do want to eat, it's not any kind of fear of getting fat or anything. It's the actual eating that's troublesome, not the calories. I am open to ideas that would increase my overall calories in the short term, as long as they help me to meet my protein and micronutrient requirements. Oh and I should mention that I am vegetarian. I don't eat eggs and I try to avoid dairy as much as possible.

Thanks in advance for any ideas you might have.


  • grantdumas7
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    There are a few appetite stimulate products. One of them is called Engourrge. Also ginger is supposed to help with appetite
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    What about nuts or nut butter?

    Dates stuffed with almonds and rolled in coconut flakes ... Calorie dense and YUM!

    Nut butter, bananas, chopped nuts, and honey ... mushed all together in a bowl ...
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    Nut butter are great, as well as adding coconut oil to ayour shakes and smoothies. Packs in calories rather easily. Its really easy to get filled up on vegetarian food in my experience (former vegan) due to all the fiber, especially in protein sources such as beans. One of my favorite easy protein sources was PB&J sandwiches on whole wheat bread.

    One tip I have heard, but not tried, was doing cardio in the morning prior to eating. According to Johnny Pain over at, it stimulates his appetite like nothing else, and is one of his strategies for helping have the appetite in order to gain.
  • A good or better cook ^^
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    I found doing push ups or sit ups for a good 5 to 6 minutes will build some hunger. that or I'll just drink calories (protein powder)
  • Try cannabis. Effective, but not a serious suggestion. :-p
  • marijuana

    You'll eat everything in the house lol
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    When I first started this I 'wasn't hungry' or 'felt full after a small amount'. I was lying my *kitten* off to restrict cals too far.

    Just eat. Or have a smoothie, or something easy like porridge (oatmeal), yoghurt, jelly, etc. Or drink. Get to calories and start to eat more and more solids. You get used to it.
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    Eat until you're full then drink the rest.
    300ml whole milk
    100g oats
    1 scoop of protein powder
    1 banana
    Stick it in a blender and drink :)

    That's roughly 772 calories and tastes great.
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    that happened to me too about 2 weeks ago, just try to eat something that isnt too heavy, i'd go for a protein bar/ fruit and nut bar. but dont undereat because that is going to make you feel weaker, when i felt weaker, my appetite decreased and i didnt even feel like moving up to make anything to eat. try to go with calorie dense food for now
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    I am finding it especially hard to eat healthy foods that, frankly, I don't find appetizing at the best of times.

    so eat stuff you do find appetizing...

    why would you eat stuff you dont like just because its 'healthy'? i am sure there are some sorts of fruit and veg that you do like...?
  • You may want to try protien bars/shakes. On days when I'm not hungry but haven't hit at least 1200 calories, I eat a protien bar. They are small snacks packed with all the good stuff the body needs.
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    I have been mega strict in the past getting into bodybuilding show standard and had a few weeks where I had to force the food down, never looked forward to any 1 of the 7 meals each day.

    But found a few awesome spices that I could use on almost anything. Smoked paprika is the best for me right now, if I were you Id go down the spice section in the grocery store and stock up on a few things
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    You can try Ensure, it is in all pharmacies, and Walmart etc in the pharmacy section. They give it to older people and those who are weak due to illness and it is both nutrional and increases the appetite.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions. I have been trying to do just a few minutes of exercise before eating and that helps get my appetite going. Plus I have decided for now to eat more of what I do like ( peanut butter, hummus, protein bars and smoothies) and not feel too bad if I am not eating a ton of "clean" or "healthy" food. I have been reading some of the IIFYM threads, and I am going to try that method. I will fit veggies in where I can, but I am going to stop thinking I can only eat tofu and kale for the rest of my life.

    I am having no trouble meeting my requirements now. Thanks again.
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    Mmmm....erm, I mean.....drugs are bad m'kay?

    (not really though)
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    Also, just kind of be aware if anything else is going on in your body. Loss of appetite can be a symptom of several types of medical problems including hormonal imbalances and even just being under a lot of stress. Keep an eye out for anything else that seems out of the ordinary and if so, go ahead and get an appointment with a doctor.

    In addition to the ginger, I've also seen caraway, fennel, and cayenne can stimulate appetite as well.
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