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Hey everyone, my name is Rick. I was introduced to my fitness pal about 10 months ago. When I started I weighed in at 258 lbs. and at 5'7" obviously I had a lot to lose. I was diagnosed with diabetes last year and decided I had to do something for myself. I've lost about 80 lbs since I started and have completely changed my lifestyle. I've stopped smoking (yea!), and stopped eating out in restaurants, where I can not control portion sizes. I joined a gym and exercise a minimum of 1 hour a day. I always heard healthy people say that they were upset, if they were unable to workout. I never believed that, but I do now. I'm constantly in motion now and my children are as well. I NEVER TURN THEM DOWN, when they ask Daddy to go play. I never had the energy before. Now I have about 25 lbs left to lose to have my bmi in the right place. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I reach my goal weight. I've never been a healthy weight. I can't say enough about fitness pal. It's really made it easy for me to see what I can have and makes me want to exercise. Anyway good luck to everyone on their healthy path and thanks for listening.


  • focknfree
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    Congratulations on your journey! I too can't wait to get to my goal weight and start maintaining. You'll probably come up with a new fitness goal once you hit your goal weight. Good luck to you!
  • shmulyeng
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    Hi Rick,
    I'm facing a similar situation but I'm in the early stages. I've lost 30 so far but looking for another 90 or so.
    Part of my motivation is reading about other people (preferably men) in similar situations that have successfully lost (or losing) weight.
    I would like to add you as a friend to keep the motivation.
  • rose228822
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    Dear Rick,
    That is a wonderful story and I love the fact that you are doing this for your kids. I like that you say you never turn them down when it comes time for play, they grow up way too quickly!
    Take care - rose
  • I'm so happy for you! what a positive inspiration! that is a lot of weight to have lost and you have done it! good luck with the rest of your goals and no matter what, you should be proud of how far you have come!
  • Cayjominara
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    Anytime I run into another person dealing with diabetes, my interest gets piqued. when I find out they are determined to DO something about it, I become OVERJOYED. I started my quest with a single purpose: to KICK THE BULLCRAP OUT OF DIABETES! Within that one goal is a network of sub-goals: to live long and healthy; to be around for my kids; to be around for my wife; to break the cycle of horrible health in my family. etc. Now, I can't be deterred or swayed! Like you, I am DETERMINED to win the fight against this disease and my various unhealthy habits. Like I always say, this journey we are on is a SHARED one. When you win, I win. When you stumble, I feel it too. We are in this together! I KNOW you are going to reach every one of your goals, friend!
  • mcouey84
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    Congratulations Rick - thank you for sharing your story! I'm sure you'll knock out those last 25 in no time. Good luck to you!!