Will Insanity tone my body or is it just for weight loss?

Hi all! I am currently on Day 9 week 2 of Insanity. I have about 20 lbs to lose at 162 lbs and 5'3. I have a question about toning and tightening with Insanity. I heard that Insanity is mainly for weight loss, so if I would like to lift my tush, tone my arms, legs and stomach should I do another workout along with Insanity or should I wait until the weight is off?? Or will Insanity do that for me? I was thinking about the doing the Brazilian Butt Lift workout hybrid with Insanity for all over tonight and to lift my booty. Any good advice would be appreciated!


  • I haven't done insanity, but I did do brazilian Butt Lift (About 4 years ago) and had amazing results! It was a silly workout, but it definitely got the job done, and I loved the host. Unfortunately my dog got ahold of the DVDs and ruined them, or else I probably would still be in the same shape I was back then!
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    Insanity coupled with a good diet, will help burn calories a little more through it's cardio, and help build muscle that is already underneath. I can say it definitely helps me feel better, and feel more "in-shape" since i haven't been nearly this active in a long time. There's no reason to hold off, if you want to do it. The diet though, is the most crucial. The potential is there to burn a good bunch of calories in each workout, which helps drop the weight. Some people combine it with weights, which also helps in the long run. But the big thing, is don't get discouraged if you aren't seeing major abs right away, or any HUGE improvements, because that doesn't show until the weight has come down some.

    From what I've seen others progress though, the overall result has definitely been positive for nearly everyone. If you have it, go for it, and feel free to add other workouts in the mix, just make sure you're eating right (or at least better), and give your body some rest when needed.