5'11, 133lbs and my stomach is still 31'' at belly button

I am very thin, bmi is 18.7. I exercise regularly, mostly cardio core. I have the hardest time getting rid of inches on my stomach. I have no chest, a small butt and thin thighs. I eat very healthy. It is so frustrating! I weighed 119 this summer which was obviously underweight for me but my stomach finally got thin, unfortunately, i looked rather disgusting otherwise!

Please help!


  • gloriaqzhao
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    I have the same issue. Feel like a frog, with slim arm and legs, small chest, but fat belly, even with average 60-90 minutes cardio and strength training, and almost vegan whole food diet.
  • servilia
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    What's the measurement at the narrowest point? That's where women are supposed to measure.
  • archaichoney
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    Lift heavy?

    You may just not have a small waist, some chicks are built that way. Like someone else asked, did you measure at the smallest point of your waist, because that's where your waist is.

    Big compound lifts (squats, deadlift, bent over rows, etc.) have done awesome things for my core and waist line. Started at 31 inches and am currently 27 at the waist 37 at the hip and I have more to loose. 5'9 as well.
  • BusyRaeNOTBusty
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    Sounds like genetically your body stores fat on your stomach and yes, you'll have to get down to an unhealthy level of body fat to get rid of it. You could possibly try to add muscle. This tends to balance out, and make small fat storages appear smaller, smoother, etc.
  • cafeaulait7
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    Is that a size 12 waist? Because here is a nice tall girl like yourself who wears that size:



    Proportionately, I bet your waist looks very nice at your height!
  • Happyme2009
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    Would you rather have fat legs and a big butt? Because I have been fighting with that all my life. I have a small waist but big hips and butt..... and almost no boobs..... all my teenage years I was jealous on people with your body type... and all my 20s too... and only after I passed 35 I learned to accept myself.....

    so there, we all have our demons....

    On the other hand, be happy you have a small butt and slim legs.... this is what apparently men love, and it gives women a more youthful appearance. Most models have this body type. And I bet you look amazing actually, and you are the only one who notices the stomach....