Recipes for Wood Ear fungus?

shnoots Posts: 82 Member
I love black mushrooms with a serious passion, and just came into a massive amount of them. The only issue is that the dishes have always been cooked by my Chinese friends. I'd ask them for some help, but they're busy with finals and a new baby. Does anyone have any recipes they enjoy? I'm stuck on stir-frying them with carrots, broccoli, vinegar, and chicken broth. Completely delicious, but repetitive.


  • gloriaqzhao
    gloriaqzhao Posts: 40 Member
    You can also do scrambled egg with woodear, high protein and fiber! Use some green onion in the medium-high oil for 30 seconds to get the aroma, them do scrambled egg. When the egg is solid but not too hard, take them out to a plate. Then stir fry the soaked woodear till it is tender, then throw back the scrambled egg. Season with soy sauce, salt, pepper to taste.