FREE US Graze Code! 4 More uses!

Hi guys! I have a Free US Graze code good for 4 more people! It's KELLYR3HB


  • gobonas99
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    I have a code with 3 more uses: 1WTK7RRRP :happy:

    you get your first and fifth boxes free with the above code, boxes are regularly $6 (includes shipping) and include 4 snacks in each box. I have had four boxes so far, and have enjoyed all but one selection (three have been absolutely amazing!)
  • Le_Joy
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    How much comes in the box? It is like an oz of each item or does it seem to vary?

    ETA: I found reviews online it seems like each item is about an ounce.
  • iamafoodaholic
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    Unlimited US code: CYNTHI8ZP


    I do!!!!!
  • kelly_c_77
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    US code KELLYR3HB

    I just got a new box in the mail yesterday and it was awesome!

    Enjoy a box of your own using my friend code! :)
  • kamyers1289
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    Code if anyone still needs one :)
    1st & 5th free
  • mommabenefield
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    Do I have to pay shipping on the free boxes?