1200 cals a day



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    Apparently exercise makes you burn calories....
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    Download the Sworkit app. It has loads of different cardio / strength routines that range from 5 mins to 1 hour (the 7 min workout is good). You can do one in the morning and one in the evening and the app marries with myfitnesspal, so you'll gain the extra calories back. Everyone has time for some exercise :)
  • If you're going over just by 100 cals, have a look to see what exercise you could do to offset these. I do 3mins of squats with 6KGs (although I don't log the 6KGs) which is about 35 cals based on my weight.

    Here's some more info I took from http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/fitness_articles.asp?id=1777

    50 Ways to Burn 100 Calories

    (Values are approximate and are based on a 150-pound person.)

    Biking: 23 minutes of casual cycling
    Cardio dance class: 15 minutes
    Elliptical: 8 minutes
    Jumping rope: 9 minutes at a moderate intensity
    Lifting weights, vigorously: 15 minutes
    Pilates: 24 minutes
    Rowing machine: 13 minutes
    Running stairs: 6 minutes
    Running: 9 minutes of running at a 6 mph pace
    Swimming: 15 minutes moderate intensity
    Walking stairs: 11 minutes
    Walking: 20 minutes of walking at a 3 mph pace
    Water aerobics: 23 minutes
    Yoga: 20 minutes
    Zumba: 11 minutes

    Sports and Leisure Activities:
    Basketball, shooting hoops: 20 minutes
    Bowling: 30 minutes
    Dancing around living room: 20 minutes
    Darts: 35 minutes
    Golfing, carrying clubs: 15 minutes
    Ice skating, moderate: 18 minutes
    Kickball: 13 minutes
    Mini golf or driving range: 30 minutes
    Playing catch with a football: 35 minutes
    Playing Frisbee: 30 minutes
    Playing soccer, casual: 13 minutes
    Skiing,downhill: 10 minutes
    Softball or baseball: 18 minutes
    Tennis (doubles): 21 minutes
    Tennis (singles): 15 minutes
    Treading water, moderate effort: 23 minutes
    Volleyball, recreational: 26 minutes
    Water skiing: 15 minutes
    Yard Work:
    Mowing the lawn: 20 minutes
    Painting house: 18 minutes
    Raking leaves: 23 minutes
    Shoveling snow: 15 minutes
    Washing the car: 20 minutes
    Weeding the garden: 18 minutes
    Everyday Activities:
    Carrying an infant: 24 minutes
    Cleaning, moderate effort: 26 minutes
    Cooking: 34 minutes
    Doing dishes: 40 minutes
    Mopping the floor: 20 minutes
    Playing with children: 23 minutes
    Pushing a stroller: 35 minutes
    Rearranging furniture: 14 minutes
    Shopping: 38 minutes
    Sweeping: 23 minutes
    Walking the dog, 26 minutes
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    As for exercise....you don't have to do it, but I strong recommend it for a couple of reasons - it accelerates your weight-loss, it allows you to eat MORE (more calories burned = more you can eat and still have net loss), and of course the health reasons for your body and muscle tone.

    NOW with that said - it doesn't have to be anything crazy. Simple walking 30 minutes a day will work. It's how I started my first 3 months and when I dropped 30#, I had more energy and wanted to do more - then, I decided to run and join the gym but plain ole walking does the trick and you can do it almost anywhere.
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    haha yes i know. i have no objection to exercise - it is simply that i do not do it. i'm being honest. i just bought an exercise bike, and i think to myself every day 'get on that bike' and i do not. i need a breakthrough in my mind to do it - i am mentally pushing myself to get there. i know it is what i need. in the spring/summer/autumn i get 16 hours a week gardening exercise, but in the winter i'm lucky to get an hour a week.